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Post Haste Sound Installs Brainstorm

Audio Post Center Picks the DCD-8 With VSG-4 Video Sync

Pictured (L-R) with the Brainstorm DCD-8 is Ken Hansen, Director of Operations; Randall Smith, Lead Remastering Engineer; and Griff Davies, Technical Director. Photo by David Goggin.

Santa Monica, CA, November, 2007 — Post Haste Sound, one of the busiest audio post houses on LA‘s West Side, has installed Brainstorm‘s new DCD-8 Word Clock Distripalyzer with VSG-4 Video Sync Generator. Post Haste features the latest ProTools/HD systems, plus Sonic Solutions/HD for restoration and remastering. Other services include remixing of soundtracks to the various Surround Sound formats. more

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Historic Alex Theater Upgrades With L-ACOUSTICS KUDO™

GLENDALE, California – November 2007 — Built in 1925, the historic Alex Theater is a landmark on Glendale’s Brand Boulevard, with its magnificent 100-foot-tall Art Deco neon column topped by a glowing starburst towering above the street. The Alex’s interior design is a marvel as well — its ‘atmospherium’ auditorium with open-air illusion and Greek and Egyptian motifs creates a unique ancient garden-like environment. Several restorations over the years have kept up the interior and exterior decor of the Alex, which is now a performing arts center. The latest addition to the theater is an L-ACOUSTICS KUDO™ line source array system, installed in July to optimize the venue for musical performances. more

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Albo Puts Amy In A Vi6™ Mix

DORDOGNE, France – November 2007 — Experienced studio and live sound engineer Gerard Albo has made it his mission to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the digital console market. The versatile French-born sound man — who also plays DJ warm-up sets prior to his main artist taking the stage — presently has the exacting task of piloting Amy Winehouse’s FOH sound mix, and because of the access speed required when set lists suddenly change, he is delighted he made the decision to turn to Soundcraft’s Vi6™ digital console. more

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Crown DC 300 Enters TECnology Hall Of Fame

NEW YORK CITY – November 2007 — As a fitting cap to Crown International’s 60th anniversary year, the DC 300 amplifier, first introduced 40 years prior in 1967, was inducted into the TECnology Hall Of Fame on the opening day of the 123rd AES Convention in New York City. Gerald Stanley, Crown International’s senior VP of R&D and the original designer of the DC 300, was on hand to accept the award. more


MONTRÉAL — After two months of renovation, the Montréal Science Centre will be re-opening with new, unique exhibits. Toronto-based Holophone® ( is right at the center of the museum‘s Technology Showcase with its H2-PRO surround microphone.

Presented by Alcan, a leading global materials company, the idea behind the Technology Showcase is to explain the invention process along with how current innovations are shaping the way we live. The H2-PRO is one of 23 innovations included in the exhibit which span a variety of functions from digitization, to shape memory, to sound recording. All inventions selected for the showcase were created by Canadians and were introduced within the last three years.

The H2-PRO surround microphone was chosen for the exhibit because of its influence on the way professional broadcast and film pros in Canada and across the globe record surround sound. With one H2-PRO microphone set up in a single location, audio professionals can record an accurate surround mix which mirror‘s the typical home theater setup found in viewer‘s living rooms. Prior to the introduction of the H2-PRO, the same project would have required multiple microphones set up in various locations. Using eight microphones encased in an elliptical enclosure which mimics the acoustics found in the human head, the mic provides listeners with the feeling of really being there when recording anything from live sporting events, to concerts, to sound effects for a feature film.

“It was amazing to see how a simple idea grew into a tangible technology that is now helping an industry do its job better,” says Holophone President and Founder Michael Godfrey. “Holophone is honored by this recognition and we hope that our story can help inspire future Canadian innovators.”

The Technology Showcase is part of the centre‘s permanent display which is free to the public.

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Carlisle, PA, November 27, 2007 – RF Central, a leading digital microwave technology provider, is now delivering its new RFX-RMR-II 5.8GHz rack-mounted receiver. Designed for live sports stadium and arena coverage as well as ENG news remotes, the unit offers complete HD upgradeability with the latest in high-quality, low-delay, HD decoding technology. more

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SonicPool Busy with new Radio, TV and Industrial Projects


Hollywood, CA, Nov. 26, 2007 – SonicPool, one of Hollywood‘s leading post facilities, specializing in audio and video finishing, edit suite rentals, and full post-production services, is actively involved in a wide array of new projects in the areas of radio promos, TV commercials and industrials. The announcement was made by John Frost and Patrick Bird, co-founders, SonicPool.

SonicPool‘s latest projects in these areas include:


For client ABC Television, SonicPool just completed producing, mixing and providing sound design for numerous radio spots promoting ABC Television‘s Daytime programming. These spots will be aired in conjunction with November sweeps.


For client 1K/Studios, SonicPool provided mixing and sound design in 5.1 Surround to a TV spot promoting the DVD release of the hit feature film “Transformers.”

SonicPool has also provided the mix and sound design for TV spots promoting the hit videogames “Golden Compass” and “Virtua Fighter 5.”


In the area of industrials, SonicPool recently completed the mix and sound design for an internal promotional presentation package on behalf of Lexus.


Launched in Hollywood in 2001, SonicPool was co-founded by post production specialists John Frost and Patrick Bird. Each of the men currently serves the company as a President and CEO.

SonicPool is comprised of 14 offline and online edit suites, an HD Online/Color Suite ((complete with a Sony SRW 5500, a true 4:4:4 resolution HD deck and Panasonic D5 HD decks,) and four mixing bays. The company‘s post production sevices include Audio and Video Finishing, edit suite rentals, and media duplication. SonicPool‘s creative services include radio production. Additionally, the company offers its clients production office space rentals.

SonicPool‘s clients run the full gamut of the entertainment and broadcasting industries, which clients ranging from major studio releases, independent feature films, TV programs, and radio, to DVD menu sound design, TV commercials, gaming, mobile and Internet projects.

SonicPool is located at 6860 Lexington Ave, Hollywood, CA, 90038.
The phone is 323/460-4MIX, and the web address is:


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Avastor is “Dancing with the Stars”

Co-production Mixer Eric Johnston Goes Live with HDX Drives

Pictured is co-production mixer Eric Johnston with an Avastor HDX-800 in the “Dancing with the Stars” control room at CBS Television City. Photo by David Goggin.

Los Angeles, CA, November, 2007 – Co-production Mixer Eric Johnston has the responsibility of all playback of music beds and voiceovers for the hit series “Dancing with the Stars.” His Avastor HDX-800 hard drives provide the reliability to meet the demands of an extremely complicated live show broadcast from CBS Television City in LA.

“The Avastor drives fit in very well with the work flow,” he explains. “The beauty of a live show is you know when you are up and you known when you‘re down. For instance, when Marie Osmond fainted on the air we all had to suddenly jump through hoops to make sure we got off air, got a commercial up and then came up with a backup plan to get back on the air. You think on your feet.”

Johnston uses a playback system developed for the BBC called Spot On. “It uses a touch screen,” He explains, “which gives me the ability on one machine to do all the music crossfades and playbacks, whereas in the past I had to work with two or three playback machines.” Johnston utilizes a second Spot On rig for redundancy, a Yamaha 03-D mixer, two Tascam MX-2424 recorder/editors, and a cache of Avastor HDX-800 triple interface drives.

“Anything can happen in live television,” Johnston concludes, “but with Avastor, there are no surprises. Reliability is never an issue.”

“Dancing with the Stars” is the ABC Emmy-nominated reality show based on the BBC Television series “Strictly Come Dancing,” and is part of BBC Worldwide‘s international franchise.
Avastor offers one of the most comprehensive lines of external hard disk products, including over 20 configurations of drive interfaces and capacities for virtually every audio and video application.

For info about Avastor, visit:

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Great American Country (GAC), a Nashville-based country music television network, has acquired a Solid State Logic C100 HD Digital Broadcast Console. The C132, to be housed in the network‘s new production studio on Nashville‘s Music Row, will be used to produce prestigious entertainment shows including GAC Top 20 Country Countdown, GAC Nights and On the Streets. The studio will be complete in the fourth quarter of 2007.

A critical factor in selecting the C132 was GAC‘s future direction, notes Vice President of Production Operations Kevin Kritch. “We anticipate more performance-based production in the facility, so it was important for us to have a good quality sound board that provides a lot of flexibility, as well as having multi-tracking capabilities,” he says. “Our quality and production demands are as strenuous as any network‘s. Premiere programs require exceptional production and Solid State Logic‘s C100 HD ensures that we will provide viewers at home with the cleanest and sharpest audio quality possible.”

GAC, a property of Scripps Networks, is America‘s “main street” for the widest variety of country music, its artists and the lifestyles they influence. In addition to country music videos, GAC features original programming, special musical performances and live concerts, and is the exclusive television home of the Grand Ole Opry. GAC is available in approximately 50 million households.

“We looked at other consoles, but SSL has a proven track record among numerous Scripps owned properties, including Food Network and broadcast stations, that are extremely pleased with the results,” Kritch confides. “After reviewing the alternatives, it was an easy choice.”
Scripps Networks is the leading developer of lifestyle-oriented content for television and the Internet, including Food Network, which has also employed the Solid State Logic C100 Digital Broadcast Console.

Solid State Logic is the world‘s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for music, broadcast and post production professionals. For more information about our award-winning products, please visit:

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Turbosound and DiGiCo provide Maximo impact in the UK and Europe

To promote their second album ‘Our Earthly Pleasures‘, Tyneside-based indie rockers Maximo Park have been touring tirelessly throughout 2007, taking in dates in the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, summer festivals and two separate treks around both the UK and Europe, all of which will climax in a triumphal homecoming gig at Newcastle‘s Metro Radio Arena on 15th December.

For the UK and Europe dates, Britannia Row supplied a Turbosound Aspect® rig, with the band‘s FOH engineer Trevor Gilligan mixing on a 56 channel DiGiCo D5 console.

The Aspect system comprises nine TA-890H mid/high, nine TA-890L low cabinets and two TQ-440 full range speakers per side, augmented with four TSW-218 subs. On stage, 16 Turbosound TFM-450 wedges are supplemented by two TFL-760H and four TFS-780L as side fills, with pairs of TFM-450s and TQ-425Sps for drum fills. The system is driven by T25 and T45 amplifiers, with system control by Dolby Lake processors.

Gilligan had used Aspect a few times before and was particularly impressed with its performance at this year‘s Jersey Live festival. And it has more than lived up to his expectations indoors.

“We were playing a wide range of different venues, so the fact that Aspect works well in many different situations was a real bonus,” says Trevor. “It could be ground stacked or flown and it always worked well, even if you could only get a few boxes above people‘s heads.”

One venue where this virtue was particularly apparent was Cardiff University. “We couldn‘t get much height at all there, the place was packed, it was really hot and I was mixing under the balcony – I couldn‘t actually see the speakers at all!” Trevor continues. “But it sounded great and it‘s a nice system to use at reasonable levels, you don‘t have to cane it.

“Sonically, using a point source system is much better than line array in smaller venues and Aspect is also compact and light. Not only does our entire PA and lighting rig fit into one truck, its compactness aids sight lines at venues. Audiences go to gigs to watch the band, not the PA.”

Trevor has been using DiGiCo consoles for rather longer, for around five years now. “I started using digital when working with Oasis,” he says. “And the D5 is still only digital console that I can walk up to and get a mix out of without having to open a manual or start making calls. The routing is so easy, whoever designed it got it spot on.”

The Maximo Park tour doesn‘t makes heavy demands on the console – Trevor is using just 26 inputs and he prefers to mix on the fly, rather than using scenes – but its small size and onboard effects are a major benefit in the club shows.

“I would use snapshots and scenes if it was a big production, but we‘re in a different venue every night and there aren‘t a lot of effects changes. So it‘s actually easier to mix the old-fashioned way,” he says.

“The D5 looks very prestigious and I like a small console at places like Barrowlands where the punters are likely to be throwing beer about. They provide less of a target,” he smiles. “And space for FOH is always at a premium in club venues, so the onboard effects are very helpful. Indeed, the band‘s management came round at one point and asked where all the outboard was. So I just pointed to the D5 and said ‘in there‘!”

Although Trevor isn‘t using all the D5‘s facilities, what he is using he is very pleased with. “The onboard EQ is fantastic,” he says. “XfM also came in to record the Brixton show and we did a full multi-channel feed to their mobile recording facility with just one cable.

“In addition, it‘s incredibly reliable. If there is a problem with the D5 in my experience it always originates in human error – whether that‘s some idiot pouring beer into it or operator error. And if there is a problem, DiGiCo‘s customer support is second to none. I‘ve rung them at some very strange times of day, but they‘ve always been brilliant.”


Editors‘ contacts:
Allyson Dias, Turbosound
Tel: +44 1403 711447

David Webster at DiGiCo
Tel: +44 1372 845600

Sarah James, Gasoline Media
Tel: +44 1372 471472

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