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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, JUNE 5, 2008—Aviom, exclusive developer of the world’s most powerful audio transport protocol, A-Net®, is now shipping its remote-controllable 6416m Mic Input Module and its companion products, the RCI Remote Control Interface and the MCS Mic Control Surface. more

Prism Sound Joins METAlliance Pro Partners

Prism Sound Joins METAlliance Pro Partners

Prism Sound has joined the METAlliance(tm) Pro Partners, it was announced by company co-founder Graham Boswell. “We are extremely pleased to become a member of this new and exciting alliance,” he remarked. “At Prism Sound we spend a very long time refining and perfecting each of our product designs in order to achieve high performance and high quality of construction. We undertake rigorous and thorough testing throughout the design stage and later on the production line.

“We believe that the METAlliance is the perfect partnership to promote our uncompromising approach to quality and professionalism in audio recording and production. With our recent acquisition of SADiE, we aim to provide an even broader range of solutions so that almost all professional audio recording and production applications can benefit from the Prism Sound and METAlliance approach.”

The METAlliance is comprised of a group of globally-recognized, award-winning audio engineers and producers who have been deeply involved in establishing techniques and technical standards that are the foundation of modern music recording. The METAlliance Board of Directors is Chuck Ainlay, Ed Cherney, Frank Filipetti, George Massenburg, Phil Ramone, Elliot Scheiner and Al Schmitt.

Prism Sound manufactures high-end recording and mastering products, as well as audio test and measurement equipment and networked audio logging systems. As the newest METAlliance Pro Partner, Prism Sound joins Audio-Technica, Cakewalk, GML, Lexicon, JBL, Manley Labs, Millennia Music and Media Systems, Neumann, Royer Labs, Sanken Microphones, TC Electronic, and Universal Audio.

Prism Sound was founded in 1987 by Graham Boswell and Ian Dennis. They had first met when working on the ground-breaking DSP program at world-renowned audio mixing desk manufacturer Rupert Neve & Company in Cambridge, England. In its early years, Prism Sound became an acclaimed Research & Development consultancy, specializing in digital audio applications. The company recently acquired the business and intellectual property rights of SADiE, formerly owned by Studio Audio and Video Ltd.

The acquisition marks a new chapter in the histories of both businesses. The SADiE brand has long been held in high regard by the pro audio and broadcast industries for the quality and performance of its PC-based digital audio workstation products. The merging of the two businesses under the Prism Sound name creates a stronger player in the market for high-quality audio production tools.

Recognizing the industry’s success in bringing products offering convenience and low cost, the METAlliance is dedicated to the passionate commitment of securing the art of music through recording technologies that best deliver the music in all its many modern forms. To do this, quality needs to be recognized and supported.

Pro Partner membership is limited to companies which have shown a capacity and proclivity to manufacture and distribute products that meet the organization’s professional audio qualifications.

Interested companies should contact:
Jim Pace, Dir. of Business Affairs:
The Alliance is a Tennessee registered LLC.

To learn more about Prism Sound, visit:

METAlliance : strategic union of music producers and engineers dedicated to the highest standards of audio and delivery of music, securing the art through recording technology in all its evolving modern forms.


mcnallysmith_andrefischer_008.jpgSt. Paul, MN, June 5, 2008 – McNally Smith College of Music is pleased to announce that André Fischer, previously Dean of Music Industries, has been promoted to Executive Director of the McNally Smith Foundation. In his new role, Fischer is responsible for reinforcing and strengthening the college’s presence in St. Paul and its surrounding areas as well as throughout the country. more

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Latest SonicPool Projects Include Film, TV, Commercials and Internet


Hollywood, CA, June 5, 2008 – SonicPool, one of Hollywood’s leading post facilities, specializing in audio and video finishing, edit suite rentals, and full post-production services, has announced its latest film, TV, commercial and Internet projects. The announcement was made by John Frost and Patrick Bird, co-founders, SonicPool.

Latest SonicPool Projects:


** “Forgetting Sarah Marshall:� Mixed radio spot, for client Blink.

** “Killer View� Performing online and color correction for client Bee Creative

** “You and I:� Sound design and Mixing for film trailer promo for the Cannes Film Festival for client Sweet Spot Productions. Directed by Rolan Joffe, the film stars Mischa Barton.

** “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt:� Sound design and Mixing for film trailer promo for Cannes Film Festival for client Sweet Spot Productions. Film stars Michael Douglas.


** “Asian Excellence Awards:� SonicPool provided the sound design and mixing for this live event, which was recorded and aired on E! network on May 1st. Sonicpool worked with Producing veteran Jane Mun and Greg Sills Productions on this project.

** “Metalocalypse:� For the second season of this hit TV series airing as part of the Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim� program block, SonicPool provides the sound design and mix to compliment Titmouse’s creative genius.


** “Wrigley’s Gum:� SonicPool mixed a 15-second Wrigley’s Gum TV spot in 5.1 Surround, and also provided the online.


** “Ten Day Take Two:� For this online webisode series, SonicPool provided the mix and facilitated the offline editorial. The client was Endomol Productions, the producers of the hit ABC TV series “Dancing with the Stars.�


Launched in Hollywood in 2001, SonicPool was co-founded by post production specialists John Frost and Patrick Bird. Each of the men currently serves the company as a President and CEO.

SonicPool is comprised of 14 SD & HD Offline and Online Edit Suites, two Theatrical Mix Stages and two additional Mix Suites, as well as a complete Machine Room Services with all the standard SD & HD decks, including HD-Cam SR with 4:4:4 capabilities. The company’s post production services include Audio and Video Finishing, edit suite rentals, and media duplication. SonicPool’s creative services include radio production. Additionally, the company offers its clients production office space rentals to accompany Offline Edit Suites.

SonicPool’s clients run the full gamut of the entertainment and broadcasting industries, which clients ranging from major studio releases, independent feature films, TV programs, and radio, to DVD menu sound design, TV commercials, gaming, mobile and Internet projects.

SonicPool is located at 6860 Lexington Ave, Hollywood, CA, 90038.
The phone is 323/460-4MIX, and the web address is:


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MusicBox Provides Music to Viral Quiznos Campaign


Calabasas, CA, June 6, 2008 — MusicBox, a leading music production company that provides thousands of cuts from its original music catalog, as well as original composition and scoring, for television programs, promos, and commercials, has provided music, through client Cliff Freeman & Partners, to a national Quiznos TV campaign, and to a viral web “Quiznosâ€? spot, entitled “Evil Hand.â€? “Evil Handâ€? will be email blasted on June 6th to over 1.2 Million people who are listed in the Quiznos database.

To view this spot, please see:

The new “Evil Hand� viral web spot for Quiznos follows on the heels of MusicBox having also recently supplied branded music for 8 new Quiznos’ national television spots, comprising the Quiznos “All Foods� campaign. Cliff Freeman & Partners was tasked with scoring or licensing music for the campaign, and they found what they were looking for via the MusicBoxLIVE search engine.

Says Aaron Davis, VP, Licensing, MusicBox, “Our original Quiznos TV campaign music was a jazz piece with a walking bass line and shuffle feel. It was pretty sparse, but had a nice clip to it – it was definitely ‘cool,’ and very well recorded. Cliff Freeman asked us if we could accent that existing track with additional instrumentation, as they had some specific segments that needed to jump out a bit more.â€? As a result, MusicBox producer/co-founder Joel Goodman brought in a sax player to track some flourishes, and also added some piano accents. Within a few days, MusicBox had reached a final new version of the music, which has since been featured in the 8 “All Foods” Quiznos TV spots.

Following the success of these TV spots, Cliff Freeman again went to MusicBox, this time for MusicBox’s music supervisory skills and original music. Cliff Freeman was seeking music to be included in a viral web Quiznos piece called “Evil Hand� to replace a waltz from the “Eyes Wide Shut� soundtrack that they were using as a temp background. “Evil Hand� was submitted to the Cannes Film Festival.

For the “Evil Hand� project, MusicBox worked with Cliff Freeman’s Executive Creative Director Tom Christmann, and Creative Directors Jeff St. Jean and Kristen Koop. Said Christmann, “The idea behind this spot was to give it a tone of mystery and weirdness, so that the heavy viral user would be inclined to pass this along to his friends. We tried to make the spot as non-commercial as possible, and we knew that the music would play an important role in this piece. The music we got from MusicBox was perfect, it was funny and whimsical, and heightened the magic of what we were going for. It added very much to the overall viral allure we were seeking.�

Adds Davis, “The original waltz piece Cliff Freeman was using within ‘Evil Hand’ helped convey the peculiar mood they were looking for, but it didn’t address the conflict featured in the story of ‘Dan,’ the hungry guy who wants to eat a Quiznos sandwich, but can’t, because he’s experiencing major conflict between his ‘left hand’ and his ‘right hand.’ Dan’s right hand is happy because it gets to hold his food, while his left hand feels betrayed and rebels against him. We chose a track from our MusicBox library that straddled love and languish, the have and have not, but in a desperate, uneasy sort of way. Cliff Freeman loved this new idea, and while it was a step away from their original one, everyone felt it worked better. The new music helped to convey more feeling from all the spot’s characters — Dan the eater, his left hand and his right!â€?


Led by co-founders and composers Dan Stein and Joel Goodman, MusicBox provides all genres of music to network and cable TV programs, TV promos, major motion pictures, independent films, movie trailers, national advertising campaigns, and radio spots. The company’s library, comprised of five collections entitled “MusicBox,� “PromoBox,� “Cue,� “MusicBox Classics� and “Private Reserve,� culminate to provide over 200 premium quality discs, and over 7500 musical tracks for the discerning film/television producer or editor.

MusicBox also composes, produces and records original themes, underscore, custom promo music and transitions that are unique and exclusive to each project, by calling upon its diverse staff of composers based in both New York and Los Angeles. The company also works with top music supervisors, popular artists and DJ’s to provide appropriate music for virtually any production genre.

For more information, please visit


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Human Scores Big at 2008 AICP Awards


New York, June 5, 2008 – Human, one of America’s pre-eminent original music composition and sound design agencies specializing in unique and compelling music for the international advertising industry, is the winner of two 2008 “AICP Awards,� as well as a contributor to three other award winning spots bestowed during the AICP Show in New York City held June 3 at the Museum of Modern Art.

To view Human’s 2008 “AICP Award� winning spots, please see:

The awards were:

** Best Sound Design for Audi TT “Moment� TV Spot:

For “Moments,â€? Human provided intricate sound design, working with director Jorn Threlfall and editor Adam Pertofsky. Audi of America’s 2007 campaign was called “Truth in Engineeringâ€? and this spot depicts what can happen within just “0.2 seconds.â€?

** Best Original Music for SOS “SOS� TV Spot:

Human’s original music for this spot, promoting “The Movement for a Climate in Crises,� powerfully conveys the message of “help,� using the classic “SOS� distress signal depicted through a number of dramatic musical expressions. The Director was Frank Budgen of Gorgeous Enterprises / Anonymous Content.

Human’s music was also acknowledged by these three other 2008 AICP Award winning spots:

** Best Spec Spot : Zune “Music is Life�

** Best Cinematography: Nike “How I Fight�

**Advertising Excellence for a Campaign: “Stork�


The AICP Show, established in l992 in cooperation with MoMA in New York, recognizes the achievements in the artistry of commercial filmmaking in 23 categories. All moving image advertising and marketing messages are eligible for entry, regardless of the media in which they appear.

The initial judging of the show traditionally draws industry professionals from across the nation, ensuring that technical experts are represented in each of the categories. The AICP Show does not rank the honorees — rather, all spots in the show are presented as equally outstanding examples within their categories. The honored commercials are made part of the permanent archives of MoMA’s Department of Film.


Founded in 1972, the AICP represents, exclusively, the interests of United States companies that specialize in producing commercials in various media — film, video, digital — for advertisers and agencies. The association, with national offices in New York and Los Angeles as well as regional chapters across the country, serves as a strong collective voice for this $5-plus billion industry, disseminating information; representing the production industry within the advertising community, in business circles, in labor negotiations and before governmental officials; developing industry standards and tools; providing professional development; and marketing American production.


Human is one of America’s pre-eminent original music composition and sound design agencies specializing in unique and compelling music for the international advertising industry. Founded in 2001 by renowned composers Morgan Visconti, Andrew Bloch, Gareth Williams, and Managing Partner Marc Altshuler, Human is a multi-award winning music collective. Human has offices in New York and Los Angeles. For more information, please visit:


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Carlisle, PA, June 4, 2008 – RF Central’s new RFX-CMT-II camera-mounted transmitters in both 2 GHz and 5.8 GHz are now available with one frame delay option. Ideal for live sports and entertainment coverage, the one frame delay provided by RF Central, a brand of The Vitec Group, offers users the ability to intermix wired cameras with an RF wireless camera for a seamless live broadcast. more

Game, Set and Match Won by Lawo

fropen.JPGToronto, Ontario, Canada – June 04, 2008… The French Open, one of the most prestigious international tennis events, is in full swing. Traditionally, the toughest games always take place on the red clay of Paris, as clay courts are significantly slower than hard court surfaces. In order to provide the right audio backdrop for broadcast, the Presteigne Charter Group, a prominent worldwide provider of broadcast rental equipment based in London, selected Lawo mixing consoles for this event. Certainly no cracking serves or balls skimming the edge of the net will be missed by TV viewers with these consoles handling audio. more

Moving Media Forms Joint Venture With Cups ‘N Strings

Dublin Video Encoding Firm Establishes American Headquarters

Moving Media Forms Joint Venture With Cups ‘N Strings

Pictured at Moving Media’s new American headquarters are
(L-R) Simon Factor and Bruce Maddocks. Photo by David Goggin.

Moving Media principle Simon Factor and Cups ‘N Strings founder Bruce Maddocks have formed a joint venture to deal with content in a wide range of broadcast video formats for encoding and distribution through worldwide digital distribution channels.

“We’ve worked with Bruce a number of times in the past for high-end analog audio archiving and transfer to digital formats,� remarked Simon Factor. “We felt his team had the perfect skill set and facilities for our new operations here in America.�

Moving Media, with European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, is a video encoding specialist, working with cutting edge compression systems and customized workflow to deliver optimum quality online video through digital channels such as the Internet, IPTV, VOD and mobile networks.

“We aim for high volume transfer of broadcast videotape to digital file formats,� Factor continued. “We are working with content in tape-based formats such as Beta SP and Digi Beta and transferring to digital video formats like Flash, Windows Media, and MPEG-4 for online delivery.�

Offering state-of-the-art facilities to encode from tape to file or provide transcoding of existing digital assets, the new studio has a strong focus on audio quality. Studio principal, Bruce Maddox has over 30 years experience in sound production, television scoring and studio design expertise, merged with extensive knowledge of mixing, mastering, analog archival and restoration.

“Moving Media has a strong presence in Europe and has established safe and efficient ways of transporting valuable physical assets,� explained Bruce Maddocks. “But shipping valuable content from America to Europe and back presents sizable logistical problems. We are here in the entertainment hub of America and can easily handle content from New York City, Chicago, Miami and other US media centers.�

With strong broadcast engineering talent in house, Moving Media’s LA team are well-equipped to produce output of any format for iPod, IPTV, or Archival with systems for secure VPN delivery as well as FTP and support for all-important DRM-enabled encoding.

Moving Media employs a 3-stage encoding process designed to optimize the quality of encoded video. Starting from tape, an uncompressed digital version is fine edited to exclude slates and breaks. Particular attention is paid to the useable screen area, cropping the frame to give the best results, removing noise and misalignments before checking audio phase alignments and levels. Director, Simon Factor, explains, “We tend to apply the technology in our own special way. We don’t see encoding as being a ‘roll tape hit button’ process. Our encoding service is designed to optimize the quality of the encoded video and to present the content in a way that is effective within its target platform.�

The studio’s first project for Getty Images involved transferring a collection of several hundred clips from tape to MP4 files covering a range of archive footage from the 1920s to 1960s including public service announcements. The LA studio used Digital Rapids technology to implement fine editing, progressive scan and audio remastering measures to enhance content recorded some 40-80 years ago.

Simon concludes, “The US studio is a significant move for the company and we are very happy with the reaction from both our existing customers and the market. Encoding is a hot topic at the moment and there is room in the US market for an encoding specialist. We focus only on encoding and the processes that support the delivery of digital video content.�

For information about Moving Media visit:
or call 310.453.1686
For info about Cups ‘N Strings, visit:


Sound Devices 788T 8-Track RecorderREEDSBURG,WI — Sound Devices is pleased to announce that the latest addition to its 7-Series line of digital audio recorders, the 788T eight-track recorder, is now shipping.

First shown at NAB 2008, the 788T is designed specifically for multi-track, on-location productions and features a significant expansion of input and output capability — eight full-featured microphone inputs and eight tracks of recording. The expanded inputs, combined with a thoroughly revised digital architecture, provide unprecedented recording flexibility.

The new features available with the 788T have not compromised the compact size that has become a trademark of the 7-Series recorders. In a stainless-steel and aluminum chassis weighing less than 4 pounds and roughly the size of a hard-backed novel, the 788T accommodates individual controls and connectors for each of its eight inputs, plus numerous additional I/O and data connections.

“Our production sound customers are using more isolated tracks and have been asking for a machine with more than four tracks without a size, weight, and cost penalty,� says Jon Tatooles, managing director of Sound Devices. “Users can now take advantage of the 788T’s substantial increase in flexibility while still having access to all the features they are accustomed to in our best-selling 7-Series.�

To accommodate the larger data storage requirements of multi-track recordings, the 788T comes equipped with a 160 GB 2.5-in. internal SATA hard disk drive. This on-board storage provides up to 30 hours of 8-track, uncompressed 24-bit audio recording of industry-standard Broadcast Wave files. Additionally, CompactFlash cards with UDMA support and external FireWire mass storage volumes can be used for recording and playback. All three storage mediums can be selected for simultaneous, redundant recording.

With the 788T, transitioning from the field to the studio is easy. To transfer recorded audio, the 788T features high-speed access to both the internal hard drive and connected CompactFlash medium. Disk-to-computer and card-to-computer transfers are limited only by the drives themselves, with transfer speeds greater than 40 MB per second with fast, 266x CompactFlash media.

For fast, accurate setups in the field, the 788T visually indicates level information of both inputs and track assignments. Each of the eight input controls has a corresponding tri-color circular LED, making level adjustments simple in fast run-and-gun environments. The 788T’s Input Control Toggle allows for quick access to common settings such as input type, limiter engagement, high-pass filter activation, and phantom powering. Its LCD display is viewable in all lighting conditions, including direct sunlight. Additionally, the LED’s are dimmer-adjustable for any lighting condition, including a lights-out setting for blacked-out sets.

As with the 702T and 744T’s time code recorders, the 788T has a high-performance, full-featured time code generator. It is also equipped with selectable word clock sync source, including numerous video sync sources. The 788T is powered by 7.2 V Li-ion batteries or external DC (10-18 V) and offers an on-board Li-ion battery charger.

For more information, please visit the Sound Devices website,

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