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Flexible Flex Array gives The Feeling their fill

With a break to write and record their third album imminent, British power pop favourites The Feeling bid a temporary farewell to their fans by spending November touring the UK and Ireland. And with a Turbosound PA system offering no compromises on punch and clarity, every member of every audience really did feel The Feeling!
Turbosound’s Aspect® system is a confirmed favourite of Jon Sword, the band’s FOH engineer and production manager. And on this tour he took the opportunity to increase its flexibility by adding a number of Flex Array cabinets to the Aspect rig.
Mansfield-based Entertainment Sound Specialists (ESS) supplied 24 Aspect TA-890L and 24 TA-890H for the tour, with the rig adjusted to suit the size of each venue. At Aberdeen Music Hall, for example, the system comprised nine TA-890L per side, plus five groundstacked and six flown TA-890H per side, with a TA-500DP per side for sidefill. Complementing these at all venues has been an array of six TFA-600HDP, self-powered Flex Array cabinets providing infill.
“On previous tours we’ve used TQ-440s as infills,� says Jon. “But this time, I wanted to design a central cluster to point down at the audience.
“The lighting rig has three projectors on the front truss, so it wasn’t possible to hang a central cluster in all the venues on the tour. But we could in around 40% of them, while in the rest we have flown them three per side. I’ve got them a little bit higher in the air and I get a full spread. It’s given us a fantastic result, the Flex Array moulds in with the sound of the Aspect very well.�
Because the tour has taken in a variety of venues, the entire system has had to vary in size from show to show. But the headroom offered by the Turbosound cabinets has meant that he hasn’t had to push the system at any venue.
“Turbosound is my box of choice and has been for the past two years,� he says. “For me, a system has to be very powerful but very smooth. If you like to mix loud, like I do, you don’t want to hurt people. The clarity of the Aspect and Flex Array speakers means you don’t get that additional colouration and distortion, you just get the power.
“But if I want to push something, they have enough headroom that they can really scare the shit out of people,� he adds, with a mischievous grin.
More seriously, Jon treats the audio system like an additional band instrument. He has a very dynamic mixing style, but his responsibilities as production manager means that close teamwork on the audio crew is essential.
“I’m always pushing dynamics. I’ve been with this band since the year dot and there’s a great deal of interaction between what they play and what I do,� he says.
“Various effects, different points in the set where I push the whole dynamic forward and pull things back, moving things around the panning spectrum. It is a very busy mix from start to finish. We never rest. That’s all part of the show. I’m not content to sit there and just balance things because I don’t think that’s what music is all about.
“But being production manager as well, I have a lot of other responsibilities, so I have to be able to walk up to the desk and just use it.�
This is where Jon’s close working relationship with ESS system technicians Richard Baker and Gary Brookes is crucial. They know exactly what is needed at every show and they deliver.
“The guys are really good,â€? says Jon. “We work closely as a team and they won’t compromise, which is brilliant. That’s the ESS ethic – they want to get the very best from their systems and they don’t mind throwing the right bodies and equipment at it to make it happen.â€?
With sold-out audiences throughout the UK, and people of every possible age enthusiastically enjoying the shows, it seems that there’s a genuinely good feeling when The Feeling tour.
“It’s gone really well,� says Jon. “We get comments all the time from the public about how good the sound is and most people on the crew are back for the fourth time. There’s such a nice vibe, it’s fantastic.�
The Feeling

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Electro-Voice provides one big sound at Zero-Fest

zero-fest_2008_01.jpgSound production company Serpro Producciones (Monterrey, Mexico) recently provided Electro-Voice sound reinforcement for the very first Zero-Fest music festival, which attracted a crowd of nearly 30,000 to Parque Fundidora in Monterrey.

The show featured top local acts like Zoe, Kinky, and Jaguares, along with international artists Thievery Corporation, The Mars Volta, and Junkie XL. Renowned Latin American bands Calle 13 (Puerto Rico) and Fabulosos Cadillacs (Argentina) also appeared, with Fabulosos Cadillacs headlining the event.

Zero-Fest required two stages to accommodate its long line-up of performers. The festival’s Red Stage featured an EV X-Line system with two main hangs of 10 Xvls and two Xvlt per side, with low-end support via 12 ground-stacked Xsubs. The system was powered by P3000 amps and processed through a NetMax N8000 with FIR filters. The Black Stage also featured an X-Line system, with 14 Xvls and 2 Xvlt per side, with 16 ground-stacked Xsubs, all powered by TG7 amplifiers. EV’s latest innovation—FIR Drive—significantly enhanced the systems’ performance, adding FIR filters to the already formidable processing power of Serpro’s NetMax DSP/matrix controller and Tour Grade amps with RCM-26 modules.

Having two large stages and a steady stream of acts posed many production challenges. With the help of LAPS-II software, Serpro was able to predict how each stage would behave in relation to the other. Even with more than 20 bands with different setups, engineers, and Front of House equipment, Serpro’s EV rig helped them manage every performance flawlessly.

Nicolas Betancur, Sales Engineer, Bosch Communications Systems, Latin America, explains: “EV was the only option for Zero-Fest. Thanks to IRIS-Net, the system control was precise and the transitions between acts were seamless; thanks to the FIR-Drive-equipped NetMax system and TG amps, the sound quality and coverage was exceptional. This show would have been impossible if we didn’t have NetMax at the on one stage and the TG amps at the other. Serpro was very pleased with what EV did for their sound at Zero-Fest.�

Serpro’s EV equipment has helped them become one of Mexico’s most trusted and prominent sound companies. Serpro’s owner Renato Betancourt and Head Technician Rogelio Garcia are now trusted with providing sound to some of the world’s biggest names in entertainment, including Roger Waters, Motely Crue, and Pearl Jam, as well as the best Mexican and Latin American artists. But without Serpro, Nicholas Betancur admits Electro-Voice would not have nearly the presence it does in Latin America.

“Serpro is such an important partner for us in Mexico and Latin America,� says Betancur. “And their EV equipment is an important resource for the international tours that come through Mexico, and for local bands that put on shows across the country. It’s very much a team effort that keeps EV and Serpro thriving, and we’re thrilled that Serpro is happy with their EV products.�

Photo: George Georgallis


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Audio Inc. Finds Perfect Application for BSS Audio Soundweb London at Bermuda Music Festival

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Roselle Park, NJ based sound company Audio Inc. utilized BSS Audio Soundweb London to help run live sound reinforcement at the Bermuda Music Festival, a unique multi-day live concert event held in October, featuring artists such as Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and UB40.

Mike Sinclair, Vice President of Audio Inc. only learned of how useful Soundweb London could be to him at the InfoComm 2008 show. “We were looking for a return snake for large sound systems, and it was suggested by Geoff Lissman of Harman that we consider Soundweb London.�bss-bermuda.JPG

Soundweb London features a low-latency and a fault-tolerant digital audio bus of 256 channels. In addition to providing a backbone for the transportation of multiple channels, this bus also facilitates the creation of large, fault-tolerant, centralized matrices containing multiple devices. The digital audio bus uses standard, inexpensive Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable, which enables a distance of 100 meters between devices; fiber media converters and fiber can be utilized to increase this distance in excess of 40km.

“We used Soundweb London devices to do all the processing,� stated Sinclair. “We can get 256 channels to the stage and I have complete control and confidence in how they run. BSS Audio gave us the flexibility to have three or four consoles live and plugged in all the time. Soundweb London became the system matrix. Everyone had their own EQs and no master board was needed.� This allowed Audio Inc. the ability to perform a line check on one console and a sound check on another without ever tying one up. “Due to the fact that we are dealing with so many different acts with different equipment needs, this type of flexibility was essential.�

Sinclair also expressed how highly regarded the BSS Audio name is within the professional sound industry. “Just the BSS Audio name alone was enough to instill confidence in the sound engineers at the music festival. Because it was a BSS Audio product, it was immediately accepted by all engineers that were there,� stated Sinclair.

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Internally Sound Uses JBL Loudspeakers and Crown Amplifiers to Create An

NORTHRIDGE, California – Physician’s Quality Care in Jackson, Tennessee, a completely new kind of walk-in medical clinic is provided to patients giving them a one-of-a-kind non-medical experience. With audio components from JBL and Crown audio systems integration firm Internally Sound has designed a system that establishes a more hospitable environment for patrons. The facility features a waiting room structured with a 26-seat movie theater. JBL’s Screen Array 4622 cinema loudspeakers, Cinema Series 4641 subwoofers, and 8340A Surround high power cinema surround systems, in addition to Crown’s DSI 2000 amplifiers for 4622’s and 4641’s, and Crown’s DSI 1000 amplifiers for surround systems play starring roles in this room.picture-063.jpg

“The doctors wanted people to come to their office and have an enjoyable experience versus a dreaded one,� said Phil Jenkins, president of Internally Sound.

At Physician’s Quality Care, the experience doesn’t end in the waiting room. Internally Sound integrated a JBL Control 26C ceiling speaker system throughout the lobby, halls, vending areas, and restrooms. Crown CTs 8200BCA amplifiers power all the speakers.

Sound carrying from the theater into different rooms and disturbing patients during examinations was a worry, but double walls were built, along with special doors designed to keep sound from transferring through. “Maintaining sound on the outdoors of the facility also had to be dealt with,� Jenkins explained. “We down tilted the Control 30’s, which keeps weather out of the speaker. Since it is a full range speaker, we were able to run it at lower
levels and still get high quality sound.�picture-086.jpg

Relevant towards good health, Physician’s Quality Care also built a full-scale membership gym next to its facility. “Boomer’s,� as the gym has been named, features a TV screen on every treadmill that not only receives cable programming but also is equipped with an iPod dock allowing guests to listen to music or watch videos as they run. Plasma televisions are in each corner of the gym, and six JBL Control 30 loudspeakers, running content from XM Satellite radio, are discreetly controlled to provide excellent sound.

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Harman Rocks The Great Indian Rock 2008 At Bangalore

V&P Sound Pvt. Ltd. Feature Soundcraft Vi6â„¢ At FOH And Showcase New Version 3.0 Software

NORTHRIDGE, California- The Palace Grounds in Bangalore, India were transformed on November 7, 2008 into a celebration for thousands who turned out for “The Great Indian Rock 2008.� Bangalore transcended into the Rock Capital of India with an international concert that featured 3 prominent Indian bands, Slingshot, Rainbow Bridge and Extinct Reflections and 2 Norwegian popular acts, Sahg and Satryicon. V&P Sound deployed an extensive Harman sound system that featured Soundcraft’s Vi6 and included products from JBL, Crown, dbx, and AKG.gir.jpg

The sound system consisted of 20 JBL VERTEC VT4889’s with 2 main hangs of 10 per-side, 16 JBL VERTEC VT4880A subs were flown in on 4 per-side hangs, 8 JBL CSR subs were ground stacked with 4 per-side and JBL VRX932LA’s were used as center-fills. Crown I-Tech 4000, 6000, and 8000 amplifiers powered the entire system and the FOH was mixed using the Soundcraft Vi6 digital mixing console running the new Version 3.0 software.

Svein Solberg, Satyricon’s FOH engineer, was working on the Vi6 for the first fime and he was amazed with the intuitive interface and the ergonomic layout of the console. Solberg stated, �This is as comfortable as working on any analog console and the ease of operation allowed me to mix on the console with little prior experience.“ Solberg continued, �The VERTECs are loud and clean sounding boxes and this is indeed the best sounding system that we’ve operated in India.�satyricon.jpg

Vishnu, Director of V&P SOUND, was overwhelmed with the overall response from the artists, the FOH engineers and the fans. Vishnu stated, “It is a pleasure working with the Vi6 and the VERTEC’s. Setting up the VERTEC system is extremely fast and simple and the amazingly clean sound of the VERTEC’s is credited to the V4 presets developed by Mr.Paul Bauman, Director of Tour Sound Product and Application Engineering.“
The stage monitoring system was equipped with 10 VRX915M, 2 VRX915M, 2 PRX518S/230 along with 2 PRX 512M/230’s were used as the drum fills. The side fills were 4 VRX932LA and 4 VRX918S. The monitors & side fills were bi-amped using Crown ITechs and managed by another dbx DriveRack 4800.

The 2 drum kits were mic’d using AKG Drum SET II, each set included one D 112 and four C 518M. Additional products from AKG included the C414, C451, D5 and D40 microphones, WMS4000 wireless system and the IVM4 in ear monitoring system. Concluding the Harman installation was dbx 4800 Loudspeaker System Management processors that were used to manage the main hangs, subs & front-fills.

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Firehouse Productions Fires Up LA-RAK and KUDO for Iceland’s Sigur Ros

sigur_ros_concert.jpgKUDO/LA-RAK combo also accompanies L-ACOUSTICS’ new K1 and K1-SUB on North American tours for Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails

RED HOOK, New York – November 2008 – Concert sound provider Firehouse Productions, known for its tours with Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Peter Gabriel and other innovative artists, chose to deploy L-ACOUSTICS LA8-powered KUDOâ„¢ arrays for FOH on Sigur Ros’ recent North American tour leg.

sigur_ros_front_setup.jpgIn addition to typically flying nine boxes of KUDO per side for the four-piece ethereal Icelandic post-rock band, Firehouse positioned six dV-DOSC across the lip of the stage for front-fill and set up four SB28 subs per side in a cardioid configuration for LF reinforcement. Two ARCS® cabinets per side were also flown or ground stacked for out-fill in venues where the seating configuration wrapped around the stage. Furthermore, the tour utilized four of L-ACOUSTICS’ new LA-RAK touring racks, each featuring three LA8 amplified controllers. more

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