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terron.JPGRenown Artist & DJ Offers Real-World Training Intensive On Pro Tools & Reason Production

ProMedia Training, the leader in modern accelerated audio and multimedia training, is pleased to present an all-new Music Production & Certification Program featuring Pro Tools 8, February 3 – 7, 2009, featuring world-renown DJ, producer/remixer, engineer, and educator, Terron Darby. The Program is offered at PMT’s New York City facility located in The Arts Building (336 W. 37th Street, Suite 550, NYC 10018), and is a 14-day, 112 clock-hour accelerated package. One of our most comprehensive packages, it is geared towards the beginner-to-intermediate student. Students will work with sophisticated HD systems and control surfaces throughout the curriculum, and upon successfully completing the courses, will take the Digidesign exam for Certification. The package tuition also includes a free plug-in from Digidesign (valued at $500).

The Music Production & Certification Program includes four Digidesign Pro Tools 8 certified courses, a mixing course, and a Reason course written by MIDI master Craig Anderton. Darby will offer training and insights drawing upon his real-world experiences working with Digidesign’s state of the art production software and Propellerhead’s Reason, one of the most powerful music composition tools on the market today. Students will learn proper setup, recording, editing and mixing, go in-depth into the world of plug-ins, MIDI, beat detective, elastic audio and the art and science of mixing, and learn the ins and outs of Reason. For a limited time only, when students sign up or refer a friend for this program—or any Music Production, Certification, Pro Package, or Career Program—during the month of January and They’ll receive a FREE upgrade to the incredible new version of Pro Tools LE 8!

As a DJ, Terron Darby has over 16 years of experience in the world of dance and club culture. Terron’s DJ skills have lit up the dance floors from South Beach to Mexico City. In 1999, he joined a DJ collective called DHM (Deep House Movement) that introduced deep house to the forefront of the Miami local scene. Their ‘Phylos Sessions’ parties inspired many house heads and DJS for several years. He’s also held solo residencies at Blue, Tantra, Level, Deluxe, Ivy and W6 Lounge in Miami, and at various NYC clubs like Glass Lounge, Deko, and Libation. Working in the capacities of mix/recording engineer and producer/remixer, Terron has lent his production prowess to a host of artists and labels, and is the head engineer for SFP Records, which houses four other independent sub labels. Currently, he is wrapping up production on a full-length album due out in Feb of 2009 with musical partner, Brett “Cosmo� Thorngren. Terron has also designed professional studios and tutored clients including Ozzy Osbourne, Lou Reed, Barry Gibb of Bee Gees fame, Robbie Williams, Ricky Martin, Moby, and Lenny Kravitz, among others.

For more information on ProMedia Training’s Music Production & Certification Program and course specifics, go to:

Photo Caption: Terron Darby

About ProMedia Training
With locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Nashville, San Diego, and New York, ProMedia Training is the leader in modern accelerated audio and multimedia training. In addition to individual instruction at professional facilities, the company provides on-site training for corporations, allowing industry professionals to upgrade their skills in their own working environment—some of which include MTV, HBO, and Turner Broadcasting; Dolby Labs, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and Loyola University. The faculty includes Grammy and Emmy Award winners that have worked on hundreds of gold and platinum albums with such artists as U2, Aerosmith, Ricky Martin, Steely Dan, Ozzy Osbourne, Outkast, and Dixie Chicks. ProMedia Training partners with manufacturers such as Digidesign, Apple, Propellerhead, and Waves. ProMedia Training is the leading authorized Digidesign Pro School, having certified more students than any other organization. For more information visit:

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Dangerous Music Unveils ‘DAC-SR’ Surround Converter & Announces Ship Date of ‘Uniswitch’ Module

Additional Switching System options: 6-channel mastering quality DAC for Monitor ST-SR Controller Shown, while ‘Uniswitch’ Ships to Customers 3/15/09

Dangerous A.S.S.NAMM – Anaheim, CA January 15, 2009 - At the 2009 NAMM show in Anaheim, CA, Dangerous Music, Inc. is showing their highly anticipated “DAC-SR” 6-channel mastering quality digital-to-analog converter module with digital input switching for their popular Monitor ST/SR 5.1 controller. The Dangerous DAC-SR is the first surround sound option for the Additional Switching System (A.S.S), a 1 RU expansion rack which can house up to two modules with the ability to stack two racks, adding four additional functions, all switchable directly from the ST remote. Dangerous Music also announced that the “Uniswitch” A.S.S. module will be shipping to customers March 15, 2009. The Dangerous Uniswitch is a universal RS232 switcher that has customizable options. The stock version is engineered to control Gefen, Inc. video and Keyboard-Video-Mouse switchers directly from the Monitor ST remote. more

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— Ideal for studio, field recording, broadcast and live sound use, the durable ATH-M35 professional monitor headphones feature foldable design for easy storage —

WINTER NAMM SHOW, ANAHEIM, CA, January 15, 2009 — Audio-Technica introduces the new ATH-M35 Dynamic Stereo Monitor Headphones. Employing the company’s latest transducer technology, the ATH-M35’s offer the highest level of sonic accuracy in a design engineered to provide maximum comfort for hours of listening. Key features include a foldable design for easy storage and a rugged storage pouch, enhancing the headphones’ durability and lifespan. They are an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from professional studio and home recording use to more portable situations such as live sound, broadcast audio-for-video and field recording.

The ATH-M35’s employ a low-profile, closed-back design, providing exceptional clarity and superior isolation in high-volume listening situations. Extremely accurate, the headphones feature a neodymium magnet structure and have a frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz.

The ATH-M35’s also have a lightweight and adjustable cushioned headband to provide maximum listening comfort. In addition, they feature a gold-plated stereo 1/8″ (3.5 mm) connector with strain relief and professional screw-on 1/4″ (6.3 mm) adapter, and a sturdy, ultra-flexible 11′ (3.4 m) cable with single-side exit. The ATH-M35 Dynamic Stereo Monitor Headphones will be available February 2009 with a U.S. MSRP of $139.00.

…ends 192 words

Celebrating over 45 years of audio excellence worldwide, Audio-Technica is a leading innovator in transducer technology, renowned for the design and manufacture of microphones, wireless microphones, headphones, mixers, and electronics for the audio industry.

—For more information on the complete range of Audio-Technica products, contact Karen Emerson, Audio-Technica U.S., Inc., 1221 Commerce Drive, Stow, OH 44224. Tel: (330) 686-2600; Fax: (330) 688-3752; Web:

—For further information regarding product availability and pricing in the United Kingdom, please contact Denise Burnage (; in Germany, please contact Anja Groth (; in the rest of Europe, please contact Evangéline Pirot (

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Engineer Ian Boxill Mixes an Urban Sound with FOCAL Monitors

Ian Boxill

January 21st, 2009 — Engineer Ian Boxill recently installed Focal Solo 6 Be monitors in his personal studio, and has begun mixing a top-secret project. With the past three Prince albums behind him, and a 2008 Grammy for “Best Male Vocalâ€? on the Prince penned song Future Baby Mama, Boxill is primed for new and great things. Deciding to upgrade his studio with new monitors, Boxill chose Focal and is loving the sound, “Focal speakers have the rare quality of being very musical sounding, while maintaining clarity and detail. Not a very easy feat to pull off. While listening to my favorite recordings on a pair of Focal Solo 6 Be’s I heard instruments and parts that I had not heard before. Wow. Well done Focal, well done.â€?

Known for his deft touch with powerful R&B and Urban vocal artists such as Tupac Shakur, Janet Jackson, P. Diddy, Aaron Neville, K Ci, Jo Jo, Christina Milian, and Prince, among many others, over the past 15 years Boxill has divided his time between working in his personal studio and studios that artists choose. Now with his own personal studio upgraded with Focal monitors he’s embarked on a mixing project that will be revealed in early 2009.

“I’m working on some new mixes everyday on the Focals in my personal studio. I can’t talk about what the project is until it’s out in a few months.� Hinting that the project is another urban masterpiece in the making, Boxill notes, “There’s a lot of low-end and low-mids in urban music so the Focals work really great for that. They have much more low-end than the Yamaha NS10s that I have mostly used. And you can turn the Focals down and they still maintain their balance. On some speakers, either the low end falls off or the high end. With Focals you can turn down low and they still sound full: you still get your low-end and you still get your high-end. Focals don’t fatigue my ears at all, I can basically listen to these speakers all day.�

It’s the music and the ears that matter, he adds, “When I talk about Focal monitors being ‘musical sounding’ I mean being able to listen to your favorite records and being able to enjoy them. The music sounds very real, in the room. You get an intimacy, it doesn’t seem like you’re listening out of speakers, the music fills the room. They give a full spectrum; you can imagine a band in front of you. It doesn’t seem like there are speakers between you and what you’re listening to. Very few speakers do that.�

When taking his mixes from the studio out into an everyday listening environment, Boxill is pleased with the sonic translation, “So far the experiences that I’ve had, the Solo 6 Be’s were pretty much spot-on with the way they translated to real-world sound systems. What I like about them is that the highs aren’t too over-hyped, not too brittle. So I can listen at low volumes and still get a picture of the whole sound. I find that when I listen at that low level and I take it out of the room, it’s very close to what I hear in my own studio.�

Continuing with the thought, Boxill also likes the sound of the Twin 6 Be powered monitors and how they also translate to other listening environments. Including working in his own studio with the Solo 6s, Boxill says, “I’ve worked in three different rooms with Focal monitors, two had the Twin 6 Be models. I found with the Focals they sound great in the mix room, but when you take the mix out of the room it sounds just as good.�

Obviously after mixing three major records with Prince Boxill has a close connection. On working with Prince recently at one of his recording and listening locations, Boxill says, “I haven’t mixed any Prince on the Focals yet, but he has a pair of the Twin 6 Be monitors. He’s only had them for a few months. We just did some rough mixes at his studio, but they sounded good in the room.�

Discussing being in the studio for hours on end, Boxill wants to talk about how the monitors fit into his studio environment, “I also want compliment Focal on their aesthetics of design. I think the color combination is really good, it’s easy on the eyes and fits into the control room, and that’s kind of important. They obviously spent some time on the aesthetics, they are very classy looking.�

Contact Ian Boxill directly, via phone 310-766-2303, or email

About Focal-JMlab

Since its foundation, Focal-JMlab has grown to become one of the world main hi-fi loudspeaker companies. Headquartered in Saint-Etienne, France, it is now internationally recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacture of specialist drive units for hi-fi loudspeakers. It is also pre-eminent in the design and manufacture of specialist loudspeaker drive units for car-audio and pro-audio; and in the creation of highly advanced, complete hi-fi loudspeaker enclosures priced from 125 euros to 70,000 euros and 99 euros to 2750 euros for car-audio. Market-leader in France, it exports over 73% of its output mainly in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. The company key strength is its complete integration and quality control of the loudspeaker manufacturing process, from the design of drive units, cabinets and crossovers, to the assembly of the finished product. Focal-JMlab maintains an intense, continual programme of research and development into drive-unit technologies. Five patents have been registered since 2003. Focal-JMlab currently employs over 200 people in modern facilities of 12 500m2 (134 550 ft2 ), that concentrate production, R&D and management in the same site. The strengthened turnover of the Focal Audio Group reached 29.6 million of Euros in 2007. Please visit their website at:

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New at Winter NAMM 2009: Electro-Voice NetMax N8000-1500

n8000_front.jpgThe N8000-1500 represents the ultimate in state-of-the-art pro audio signal processing. Based on the technology inside the Electro-Voice NetMax N8000, this technology has proven itself time and again in the most demanding installations and live performances. Ranging from the World Cup to LIVE8, from the Houston Rodeo to Kenny Chesney’s ground-breaking tours, NetMax has established itself as a roadworthy tool that can take even the most sophisticated PA systems to the next level.

Now, NetMax itself advances to the next level with the N8000-1500. At the heart of the N8000-1500 is the new DSP-2 engine. Composed of three dual-core processors, the DSP-2 expands the total processing power of the N8000-1500 to 1500 MIPS. But it doesn’t stop there. The unique modular nature of NetMax means that each input or output card added to a chassis provides an additional DSP engine and another 100 MIPS of processing power. This means that a fully loaded chassis provides 1900 MIPS of processing — almost double the power of the original N8000. Combined with the optional CobraNet interface, NetMax’s unique monitoring and supervision options, FIR-Drive, and the multitude of control options provided by IRIS-Net, the N8000-1500 represents the most powerful pro audio processor on the market!

Superior Audio Performance
The highest level of audio applications demand the highest audio performance, and NetMax delivers. High quality audio converters deliver a stunning dynamic range of 114 dB from analog input to analog output, including all signal processing. The pristine signal path ensures that audio remains pure and uncolored for the most accurate signal processing and reproduction. However, NetMax addresses other considerations for live audio applications, such as latency. The N8000-1500’s auto-compiling DSP engine provides a fixed latency of 2.19 ms from analog input to analog outputs – far less than many competitive products.

IRIS-Net™ control and supervision software has always provided new and unique solutions for the pro sound market, providing tools, customization, and control that no other systems can touch. EV’s latest innovation is FIR-Drive technology for the line array control platform within IRIS-Net. The FIR-Drive Line Array Controller provides a comprehensive system drive preconfigured with all the tools needed for the most demanding applications, including individual processing elements for main, array, and zone EQ, multiple subwoofer configurations, flexible auxiliary processing, and full routing options. Best of all, the control interface is laid out in a single high density interface, allowing easy control of all array parameters from a single page. The N8000-1500 has the FIR processing power required to handle today’s sophisticated, highly detailed line array systems, providing the ultimate in performance, sound quality, and pattern control.

Full System Monitoring and Supervision
Arguably, the most important aspect of live sound is ensuring that the PA is healthy and performing properly. IRIS-Net and NetMax provide a unique set of tools for monitoring and supervising all aspects of a system, including temperature, network status, fault conditions, and even cable integrity. When used with Tour Grade series amplifiers equipped with RCM-26 cards, an operator is able to monitor the health of the system down to a transducer level, using tools such as the One Button System check to show the status of all amplifiers, cables, and drivers in a matter of minutes, not hours. NetMax provides the supervision and control to ensure that the PA system is always operating at its best.


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New at Winter NAMM 2009: Electro-Voice Tour X

tx1152fmgr.jpgElectro-Voice has been building the world’s most trusted touring sound systems since the industry began. Tour X condenses every ounce of EV’s tour-proven engineering expertise into a complete line of multi-purpose loudspeakers designed to deliver the ultimate audio experience for portable or installed applications.

Comprised of the TX1122 (12� two-way), TX1152 (15� two-way), TX1181 (18� sub), TX2152 (dual 15� two-way), TX2181 (dual 18� sub), TX1122FM (12� dedicated monitor) and TX1152FM (15� dedicated monitor), each model in the Tour X line seamlessly balances aesthetic form and road-ready functionality.

A host of unique features make Tour X the most exciting loudspeaker line available today.

Key features:
- Unique Backbone Grille for superior strength and distinct style
- All-new 500W (continuous rated) SMX woofers and road-tested DH3 and ND2 compression drivers
- Dedicated vertical floor monitors with patent-pending SST (Signal Synchronized Transducers)
- Super-comfortable, ultra-sonically welded handles are air and water-tight
- Passive crossover designs utilizing up to 36 dB per octave slopes
- Six threaded suspension points (on top boxes) for simple installations

Tour X: Own the Show


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New at Winter NAMM 2009: Electro-Voice PL Series

pl-family.jpgThe new Electro-Voice PL (Professional Live) Series offers an unprecedented level of price-to-performance value in microphones for professional live sound reinforcement and installed sound applications.

Inspired by the PL legacy that began in the 1970’s, the new 2008 PL Series is a comprehensive family of vocal and instrument microphone products for the professional live sound community. Featuring seven vocal models and three instrument models, the PL Series offers exceptional durability, sonic performance, and contemporary styling.

All PL Series models feature a unique non-reflective textured satin finish, high-quality fine mesh Memraflexâ„¢ grills, shock-mounted capsules for extraordinarily-low handling noise, and polar patterns strategically chosen to deliver superb sonic performance with minimal off-axis complications.

PL Series Vocal Group
The entry-level dynamic supercardioid PL24 and PL24S (switched version) offer all around vocal clarity in any live sound application. The PL44 is a dynamic supercardioid voice-contoured for transparency and high-mid lift, delivering plug-and-play placement of vocals in any mix. The dynamic supercardioid PL80a is robust, forgiving, and EQ-friendly, delivering up-front vocal placement in professional sound applications. The PL80c maintains all of the sonic characteristics of the PL80a, with the added cosmetic detail of the “Classic� PL finish reminiscent of the legacy PL80 from years ago. And the condenser cardioid PL84 and PL84S (switched version) are carefully voiced for intimate detail and presence, enhancing the creative expression of professional vocalists.

PL Series Instrument Group
The dynamic supercardioid PL33 kick drum and low frequency instrument microphone delivers all the tight low-end and punctuation needed for today’s demanding sound requirements. Putting a new angle on drum mic’ing, the dynamic supercardioid PL35 is designed and voiced for tom and snare mic’ing, with a unique physical design that eliminates the need for right-angle XLR connectors, minimizing cable clutter over the drum. Rounding-out the instrument line-up, the PL37 small diaphragm condenser cardioid overhead cymbal and instrument microphone crisply captures all of the performance detail of overhead drums, percussion, and acoustic instruments.

Designed for professional live sound applications, the new PL Series is poised to become the new standard in price-to-performance microphones.

PL Series: Your performance is unique. Mic it wisely.


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New at Winter NAMM 2009: Electro-Voice DC-One Digital Loudspeaker System Controller

dc_one_an.jpgThe Electro-Voice DC-One digital loudspeaker system controller sets new benchmarks for performance and ease of use.

Based on a two-in-six topology, the DC-One is designed primarily for users of small to medium-sized sound systems in both mobile and installed applications. While the unit is an all-new development based on a powerful SHARC processor, it is 100 percent compatible with all settings from other Electro-Voice signal processors, including the Dx38—the best choice for achieving maximum performance with an EV loudspeaker system.

A large part of DC-One’s development was aimed towards ensuring users can easily and fully utilize its serious digital horsepower and high-end audio performance. Though free PC-Editor software is available, the DC-One can easily be operated via the front panel. Direct access buttons, six predefined configuration modes (one being free configuration), straightforward output delay settings, and true professional metering all allow for safe operation.

DC-One’s unique “front-panel-access-control� allows the user to select a personal library of accessible presets (out of 60 factory and 20 user presets). In addition, the user can determine which individual parameters in each preset are locked (e.g. factory predefined output parameters) or editable (e.g. master EQ or delay settings).

The DC-One has a 1U 19-inch chassis that is deep enough to match typical amplifier depths, a front panel USB connector for the PC-Editor, and accepts either analogue or digital (AES-EBU) input signals; a 6-dB input pad is available. The RS232 on the rear also provides eight contact closures for preset changes, or allows two units to be linked for larger systems. The PC-Editor software, as well as firmware updates allowing additional functions, will be available on

DC-One: Want full control? You’ve got it.


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New at Winter NAMM 2009: Electro-Voice Q Series

q_serie_turm.jpgBrand-new from Electro-Voice, makers of the renowned, world-tour-proven Precision Series P3000 amplifier, are Q Series amplifiers, four models that offer outstanding audio quality, reliability, and value for a wide range of mobile audio applications.

The new series continues EV´s proven concepts in amplifier technology, providing superior dynamic headroom, transient detail, and a full protection package. Based on Class-H layout for maximized efficiency and reduced weight in a 2U design, the amp family features additional switchable LowPass Notch (LPN) filters, providing extra fundament and kick as well as protective low-cut when driving compact 12� or 15� full-range speaker cabinets without subwoofers.

Q Series is launching with four models:

Q1212 (2 x 1200W @ 4 Ohms / 2 x 1800W @ 2 Ohms)
The Q Series flagship offers the horsepower to challenge its Precision Series predecessor, the legendary P3000 — proven on countless world tours. It provides the same power from a 2U case at modest weight, making it a perfect subwoofer or high-power-top-drive.

Q99 (2 x 900 Watts @ 4 Ohms / 2 x 1250W @ 2 Ohms)
With ample power headroom, the Q99 represents an excellent combined top & sub drive for most club-sized systems.

Q66 (2 x 600W @ 4 Ohms / 2 x 900W @ 2 Ohms)
Being a versatile workhorse, the Q66 provides plenty of power to drive a huge variety of small-to-medium sized full-range speaker systems.

Q44 (2 x 450 W @ 4 Ohms / 2 x 650W @ 2 Ohms)
The base model. An excellent choice for small tops and utility loudspeakers.

Q Series: Tour-Proven EV Power.


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das_river_hi.jpgWaltham, MA – January 2009… With a contemporary worship style that encompasses a vibrant music program, the Ministerio Evangelico Rios de Agua Viva (River of Living Water) is a warm, friendly, evangelical church that conducts services in both Spanish and English. Guided by Senior Pastor Daniel Teo, the River of Living Water church conducts energizing services that its congregation finds truly inspiring. The church’s ability to connect with so many people necessitated its recent move into a remodeled and expanded sanctuary, which includes a new sound reinforcement system consisting of loudspeakers from D.A.S. Audio. more

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