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musicorps.JPGOLD LYME, CONNECTICUT – FEBRUARY 2009: Sennheiser Electronic Corporation announces its support of Musicorps, a program that provides injured combat veterans recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center with professional-grade recording equipment, individualized training and musical collaborators so that they can learn about and create music as part of their rehabilitation. Both musicians and non-musicians have participated with vigor, and the program is credited with contributing to the healing of veterans’ bodies and minds.

Musicorps is provided by Renovation In Music Education (RIME), a non-profit organization that helps communities succeed through innovative music partnership programs. RIME has partnered with schools, orchestras, and even NASA, and its overwhelming successes have been the subject of research at NYU and Harvard.

“I was approached to look at how a music program might benefit injured combat veterans undergoing treatment at Walter Reed Army Medical Center,” said RIME founder Arthur Bloom. “I met with injured soldiers living in a Fisher House where many stay during treatment at Walter Reed. For some, that can be as long as two years. They voiced their pain, frustration and, as the seed of an idea took root, enthusiasm for a music program.

“They’re heroes, and deserve as heroic an effort as we can possibly provide during this extraordinarily difficult time. Musicorps therefore adopts a no-compromise approach in which standards at every stage are as high as possible, from the caliber of visiting musicians to the equipment chosen for workstations. This is definitely NOT some watered down, artsy-craftsy music program. The equipment is top notch, and stays in their residence where they can access it 24/7. They work on projects in whatever style they prefer, from hardcore to classical, and make the kind of progress any musician would be proud of. Indeed, they inspire me every time I visit.”

Equipment consists of computer-based DAWs, input devices such as microphones, keyboards, and guitars, and output devices including monitors and headphones. To that end, participants have been using Sennheiser professional studio headphones the HD 25 SP IIs and HD 280s.

“We were particularly delighted that Sennheiser, our first choice in headphones, generously agreed to provide them,” said Bloom. “Excellent headphone fidelity further encourages program participation because music is always more inspiring when it sounds great! On a personal note, I have relied on Sennheiser headphones for years, and it is an honor to include them as part of this unprecedented effort.”

By all measures, Musicorps has been successful beyond expectations. Both musicians and non-musicians have embraced it, with many working at it hours a day. In unimaginably difficult circumstances, Musicorps helps them remain productive, learn new skills, mark progress, achieve goals, transcend disability, and do something they love, even as they recover from multiple, serious injuries.

In addition to improving quality of life during lengthy and difficult recoveries, Musicorps may also aid healing, especially from traumatic brain injury (TBI), the so-called “signature injury” of the Iraq war that often results from proximity to a concussive blast. Learning, creating, and performing music involves so many aspects of brain function that it is believed to recruit uninjured parts of the brain to compensate for parts that have been injured, in addition to helping those parts that are injured recover.

“Musicorps has been transformational,” remarked Bloom. “I simply cannot describe in words the difference it has made in their lives. And through its contribution, Sennheiser has played a part in each transformation.”

Additional information about Musicorps can be found at

SENNHEISER Sennheiser is a world-leading manufacturer of microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems. Established in 1945 in Wedemark, Germany, Sennheiser is now a global brand represented in 60 countries around the world with U.S. headquarters in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Sennheiser’s pioneering excellence in technology has rewarded the company with numerous awards and accolades including an Emmy, a Grammy, and the Scientific and Engineering Award of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

For more information, please visit

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HOPEWELL JUNCTION, NEW YORK – JANUARY 2009: Metric Halo is pleased to announce the immediate release of the next version of Mobile I/O. This release is available as a software/firmware/driver update that enhances the capabilities of all new and existing Mobile I/O hardware. The update is available free of charge to all Mobile I/O users.

This major update provides a series of important improvements to the Mobile I/O hardware and software platform that greatly enhance its utility and workflow in every day production tasks.

ADVANCED CONTROL SURFACE SUPPORT: EUCON AND MACKIE CONTROL As more and more Mobile I/O users take advantage of the advanced configurable v.5 Mixer included with every Mobile I/O expanded system, the need for first-class, integrated Control Surface support grows. MIO users are replacing mixers and consoles for FOH, monitors, and recording, as well as using the v.5 Mixer for monitoring during recording and as the primary mix-down console for final mix. The Mobile I/O is the mix engine – and all mix engines need great tactile control surfaces for ergonomic mix control.

With the introduction of v.5.1 of MIO Console, the Mobile I/O supports, not one but. two exceptional control surface systems: EuCon (Euphonix Artist Series and Pro Series) and Mackie Control. Both control surface systems are supported simultaneously.

Discussing location audio opportunities provided by the new Control Surface support, Peter Schneider of Gotham Audio said, “With support for Mackie and Euphonix control surfaces, the folks at Metric Halo once again redefine what is possible with location audio equipment. The MIO 2882 and ULN-2 are transformed from top-of-the-line portable audio interfaces with on-board DSP to a full-featured digital mixer with unrivalled sonic quality, ease of use and portability.”

The new MIO Console Control surface allows control of virtually all aspects of MIO Console and the v.5 Mix engine, including:
• Mic-Pre Input Gain and Channel Phase
• Phantom Power and Input Source Selection (EuCon Only)
• Mix Fader Gain and Panning
• Mute and Solo
• Complete Support for Send Busses
• Channel Strip Selection
• Monitor Controller Source Selection (EuCon Only) and Level Control
• Transport Control for the Record Panel

The new control surface support also manages channel data readouts including:
• Channel Names
• Current Pan or Gain Levels
• Channel Metering
• Virtual Knob Readouts
• Transport Time Readout (Mackie Control Only)
• Selected Send bus number (Mackie Control Only)
• Transport State
• Dynamic Channel Ordering
• Support for Bank and Nudge Across Multiple Control Surface Units

Commenting on the new Control Surface support in MIO Console, Daniel Shores, managing director of Sono Luminus/Dorian Recordings said, “The thorough integration of MIO Console and EuCon Controllers makes a world of difference for on-location recording. Now you are able to mix seamlessly ‘in the box’ on-location without having to use a mouse or track pad. The best part is you can carry the entire setup in overhead luggage!”

Orren Merton, author of Logic 8 Power, adds, “The Euphonix MC Control acts as the physical hub of my studio. Thanks to the EuCon support in MIO Console 5.1, I can use the MC Control as a control surface and also lock MIO Console’s Monitor Controller to the MC Control’s Monitor and Control Room functions. This way, I have physical touchscreen and fader control of my MIO Mixer when I need it, and I also retain total control over my studio monitoring environment when using the MC Control to edit or mix in Logic Pro. It’s the best of all worlds!”

Mastering and Recording Engineer Michael Romanowski continues, “Having the support for control surface integration has really helped me be more efficient in my tracking and mixing. It allows me to make very quick and precise adjustments to the MIO Mixer. Great for being able to dial in a headphone mix while tracking. Great to have mix control in a live situation. And it is great for letting me be able to concentrate on where my mix is rather than where my mouse is. Having a tactile surface control of the operation in the MIO Console and MIO Mixer helps me make music more human.”

euconsupport.JPGEuCon SPECIFIC SUPPORT “Immediately after the introduction of the MC Artist Series, we were contacted by users excited about the combination of EuCon technology and the advanced mixer technology in Mobile I/O”, said Joe Buchalter, president of Metric Halo. He continues, “The flexibility, sophistication, and portability of EuCon and the MC Artist Series is a perfect match for the configurability and functionality of the Mobile I/O and we are excited to offer a first-class implementation of EuCon technology in MIO Console v.5.1.”

MIO Console’s native support for EuCon builds on the strengths of Euphonix’s EuCon technology to allow the construction of a dynamic, comprehensive control surface for controlling an extended v.5 Mobile I/O mixer with multiple MC Control and/or MC Mix units. Banking and nudging is easily accomplished as wells as switching any send bus onto the main surface.

MIO Console also offers integrated support for controlling the integrated 2d Monitor Controller from the EuCon Monitor Control section included in the MC Control surface, with support for monitor level and source selection from the touch screen. Control Room Mute is also supported.

In addition, both MC Artist Series control surfaces provide direct access to the transport controls of MIO Console’s integrated recording software.

MIO Console takes advantage of the high-resolution metering, text and numeric readouts available on the Artist Series, as well as the direct mapping features of EuCon technology to provide a high-resolution control path for MIO Console.

“Metric Halo is a world leader in mobile recording and DSP development, and we are very excited to have EuCon integrated into such a powerful product line,” stated Martin Kloiber, Euphonix CEO. “Our slim-line Artist Series controllers are the perfect complement to the Mobile I/O interfaces, giving users comprehensive, tactile control of their hardware in a compact form factor.”

mackiecontrolsupport.JPGMACKIE CONTROL SPECIFIC SUPPORT The Mackie Control protocol and hardware enjoys ubiquitous availability in the audio world, and MIO Console provides deep support for the Mackie Control protocol and hardware. MIO Console includes support for connecting up to four Mackie Control units to the computer (either MCU or MC Fader packs – in any combination with automatic detection). Control Surface support includes nudging and banking across multiple units, as well as dynamic channel ordering, metering on the surface, and time code readout.

MIO Console also adds a unique feature that allows control of the mixer without the use of a master section – just Fader packs. This is accomplished by adding mappable key commands for the functions that are only present on the master section (including bank and nudge, and pan/preamp/send selection). This allows the use of key-commands or a mappable HID device such as a ShuttleXpress or ShuttlePro to provide complete control surface access.

According to Jack Hale, producer and engineer, “Mixing with my familiar Mackie Control using MIO 5.1 is like having the best of both worlds. MIO 5.1 allows unbelievable flexibility in virtual console configuration while having the control surface reflect that, allowing hands on tweaking of parameters which can be saved for later recall.”

NEW FEATURES AND BUG FIXES The new release of the software includes many new features and bug fixes, including a workaround for a FireWire kernel panic, enhanced DSP processing and new plugins, a fix for intermittent playback issues with the Record Panel, and a new German localization for the software.

AVAILABLE TODAY The updated software is available today as free download from Metric Halo’s website at: All new units will be shipped with the updated software, but if a unit in dealer stock has the older software, it is easy to update the unit in the field with the downloaded software.

Based in New York’s Hudson Valley, Metric Halo provides the world with high-resolution metering, analysis, recording and processing solutions with award-winning software and hardware.

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zdtt800_hi.jpgBuena Park, CA – February 2009… Zaolla Silverline, the leading innovator of cable technologies for the musical instrument and pro audio industries, is pleased to introduce the new ZDTT-800 Series balanced snakes and ZTTS-800 Series balanced patch cables with TT connectors. Featuring state-of-the-art materials and build quality—including genuine Neutrik TT connectors—among their key attributes, these new snakes and patch cables are an ideal complement to the most sophisticated recording and audio post facilities. more

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paquette_hi.jpgBuena Park, CA – February 2009 … Hosa Technology, the leading innovator of analog and digital connectivity solutions for the modern musician and distributor of Da-Cappo Micro Microphones throughout the Americas, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jennifer Paquette to the position of General Manager. Paquette’s promotion to her new position within the organization is expected to dramatically increase Hosa’s operating efficiencies while fostering enhanced communications within the company’s extensive dealer network and distribution channels. Her appointment took effect in December 2008. more

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NASHVILLE: The Nashville Recording Workshop + Expo, sponsored by the AES Nashville section in conjunction with Audio Engineering Society, Inc., continues to expand its offering of top Nashville talent and cutting-edge gear exhibitions for this inaugural event set for February 20 & 21, 2009 at the Musician’s Hall of Fame and Museum. In addition to updated Master Class sessions led by industry pros such as Pro Tools 101 with Tony Shepperd and Jeff Markham and Mastering 101 with Alan Silverman, and the addition of presenters and panelists George Massenburg, Dave Sinko and Rich Adler, further brand participation has also been announced including ADK Microphones, ATR Magnetics, Analog Recording Lifestyle, Avant Electronics, Cascade Microphones, DynAudio, Gordon Instruments, Nashville Muse, Purple Audio, Raxxess, Sonicraf, Sony Pro Audio, Source Elements, Steinberg, Sweetwater, Tannoy, T C Electronic, Waves Audio and Yamaha. Previously announced exhibitors involved with the first NRW+E also include DPA Microphones, Prodigy Engineering, Nashville Tape Supply, FDW-Worldwide (with brands Violet Design, Sontronics, Nevaton and Cable Up), RMGI America, Prism Media Products, Professional Audio Solutions, Avastor, Euphonix, Antelope Audio, MicroTech Gefell, Aphex, Quest Marketing, Auralex, Genelec, Solid State Logic, Rupert Neve Design, Interface Audio, Equator Monitors, Peluso Microphones, TechRep Marketing, Universal Audio and FXpansion.

Building on the close-knit relationships of the world’s top talent, top production professionals, and the cutting-edge pro audio facilities and high-end studio gear available in Music City, the Nashvillle Recording Workshop + Expo will offer attendees a unique AES convention experience with a focus on today’s techniques and technologies which have opened up new worlds of new opportunities for artistic production. Combined with the irreplaceable knowledge of recording fundamentals as presented by workshop panelists and special guests, many of the world’s finest gear manufacturers will also be on-hand to present attendees with a first-hand look at some of the latest and most relevant gear available for any personal production space. From microphones and processing to software and studio monitors, participants will have the chance to interact directly with representatives from top brands in a traditional trade show-type environment.

Passes are still available for the 2-day event and opening night reception, with discounts available to AES members, students, and other associated industry memberships. Visit for more.

About the Nashville Recording Workshop
The AES Nashville Section has developed a compelling two-day recording workshop and gear expo focused on getting the most from your studio environment. With thirteen-time GRAMMY Award winner, musician and studio owner Ricky Skaggs as the keynote address speaker, the AES Nashville section, in conjunction with Audio Engineering Society, Inc. is offering this two-day program on February 20 & 21, 2009 at the Musician’s Hall of Fame and Museum, Nashville has long been touted to have more personal studios per capita than anywhere in the country, and never has this been truer than in today’s DAW-centric recording environment. NRW+E presents a unique opportunity for personal studio owners to learn from the pros who put the Music in Music City, to check out the latest tools of the trade in the exhibition space and to “network� with their peers.

Subjects planned for the two-day event include: vocal and acoustic instrument miking, a singer/songwriter production roundtable, producing a dynamite demo, arrangement and recording for better mixes, adding rhythm and spice with virtual tracks, collaboration across time and space, work environments that enhance creativity, practical acoustic and room treatment, when to call in a pro, a beats and loops workshop, and many more.

For the full program listings, information on registering or to book an exhibition space visit:

About the AES Now in its 6th decade, the Audio Engineering Society was formed in 1948 by a group of concerned audio engineers. With over 14,000 members throughout the U.S., Latin America, Europe, Japan and the Far East, the AES serves as the pivotal force in the exchange and dissemination of technical information for the industry. For additional information visit

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kristina-super-bowl_324.jpgBUENA PARK, Calif.─February marks three notable TV broadcasts watched around the globe: Super Bowl XLIII won by the Pittsburgh Steelers who defeated the Arizona Cardinals held Sunday, February 1 at the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Raymond James Stadium, in Tampa, Florida (NBC); the 51st Annual GRAMMY® Awards (CBS) on February 8 at the Staple Center in Los Angeles; and the 81st Academy Awards at the Kodak Theater on Sunday, February 22 (ABC). ATK Audiotek (Valencia, Ca.) will once again spearhead audio production for all three extravaganzas. ATK has been supplying audio production services for the Super Bowl since 1998 and for XLIII, they have chosen two Yamaha PM5Ds for audio coverage at the stadium. Faith Hill performed at the Pre-Game Show and Jennifer Hudson sang the National Anthem.

The Super Bowl Half-Time show received an assist by long-time Bruce Springsteen sound company, Audio Analysts (Colorado Springs, Col.) who provided two PM1Ds at monitors for Springsteen and the E Street Band’s performance. Mike Wolf at Clair Bros. advised that a Yamaha PM5D was used in the monitor rigs at both the Tampa Pepsi Smash on January 29th and 30th at the NFL Saturday Night Bash in Orlando. A Yamaha PM5D, provided by ASR Pro Events in Orlando, was used at front of house for the Tony Bennett performance at the NFL Owners Party.

ESI Audio, formerly known as E-Tech Systems of Tampa, used most of their 72 GEO-T boxes at approximately 10-12 pre-game parties and rally’s and many of the these events also used Yamaha consoles. ESI supplied two Yamaha PM5D-RH consoles for 38 Special’s performance at the Ritz Theater; two Yamaha M7CL-48 consoles for Sister Hazel at Whiskey Park North; an LS9-32 for Lo Cash Cowboys at Channelside; two Yamaha PM5D-RH consoles,10 NEXO GEO-T 4805s, two NEXO GEO T 2815s for down fills, and eight NEXO S2 subs for a performance by Wyclef Jean and Sean Kingston at the J.P. Morgan Event Center for ESPN; an LS9-32 console and 16 NEXO PS8s for an NFL Players Association jazz gig and 14 NEXO GEO T 4805s and four GEO T 2815s for down fills at a Sarah Evans concert both held at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.

The busy sound company also supplied the Maxim Party at the Ritz Theater with a Yamaha M7CL-48 console; the NFL Players Association DJ used an M7CL-48 at A La Carte; a concert at Progress Energy Park for DirecTV used a YAMAHA PM5D-RH, 14 NEXO GEO-T 4805’s, four NEXO GEO-T 2815 for down fills, and 16 x NEXO CD18 Subs. The Fab Four performance at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center used 10 NEXO GEO T 4805s and two NEXO GEO T 2815s for down fills; and Max Weinberg’s Tropicana Field show used a Yamaha M7CL-48 console.

For more information on Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems digital console product line, visit


About Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc.:
Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc. (YCAS) provides a full line of integrated professional audio products offering complete systems solutions for the broadcast, sound reinforcement/installed sound, touring, commercial recording, and post production markets. With the recent purchase of NEXO loudspeakers by Yamaha Corporation Japan, the company remains the official U.S. and Canadian distributor for all NEXO models. YCAS offers comprehensive in-house and field product training for its customers, a dedicated dealer network, and 24/7 technical support.

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