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firstredeemer.JPGCUMMING, GEORGIA: In only twelve short years, Eulises Canada has become a widely known and deeply respected producer and vocalist in the Christian music industry. His extensive work in the studio and on the road have also shaped him into a discerning sound engineer. So when Canada joined First Redeemer Church in Cumming, Georgia as creative arts director, he initiated several technical upgrades to the audio system that would dramatically increase the impact and beauty of the church’s services. Chief among them was a complete replacement of the existing wireless microphone systems with Sennheiser ew 165 G2 handheld microphone and ew 112 G2 lavalier transmitter/receiver systems.

Two main buildings reside on First Redeemer’s campus. The first contains a 2,000-seat sanctuary in which a full orchestra and a 200-voice choir deliver a blended service every weekend with Pastor Dr. Richard Lee. The service is broadcast throughout the country via the “There’s Hope America” network. The second building contains classrooms, student facilities, a family center, and smaller auditoriums where, for example, the youth band performs.

“RF has always been an issue in the church market,” said Canada. “In my professional career, I transitioned away from a competing manufacturer to Sennheiser for all of my wireless applications… and many of my wired applications too. I found that with other brands, it was only possible to manipulate frequency structure on the high-end products, and even then it was difficult. I felt like I had to learn all the bands and all the frequencies that go with each band. With Sennheiser, it’s easy on both their entry-level and high-end lines. I just look at the frequency band within the selector and pick a different frequency!”

Following Canada’s direction, the church now has twenty-five Sennheiser wireless channels split almost evenly between the ew 112 G2 lavaliers and the ew 165 G2 handhelds. Most of the systems serve the main sanctuary, but others reside with the youth band and the class rooms. Canada coordinated their frequencies by first finding an open channel for one system and then using the “auto search” feature for the remaining systems. They’ve remained rock solid ever since, even amid the RF chaos of nearby Atlanta.

Like every church, First Redeemer faces budgetary constraints and carries the responsibility of allocating money in as efficient a manner as possible. In light of that, Canada was happy to find that the transmitters and receivers on the ew 112 G2 and ew 165 G2 systems are completely complementary. Thus, he’s free to mix and match components to suit the needs of a particular program or service without any additional investment.

Apart from their flexibility, the new creative arts director likes the sound of the Sennheiser systems. “The 865 super-cardioid condenser capsule does a great job at bending to the faults of a weak singer so they come off sounding better, perhaps, than they really are,” he said. “At the same time, strong singers sound exceptional even with very little processing.” When he needs to, Canada switches out the stock 865 capsule for Sennheiser capsules with different polar patterns or frequency responses.

Canada’s other large purchase was a Digidesign Venue console to wrestle 96 inputs from stage and elegantly interface them with a Pro Tools system capable of recording or playing 120 channels. By recording every channel, the Venue gives him the chance to do “virtual sound check” between services. As the budget allows, Canada will replace almost all of the wired microphones on stage that currently capture the orchestra. “I currently have Neumann KM 183 and KM 184s for the choir, strings, and brass,” he said, “and they’re going to stay! But I’d like to replace the rest with high-end orchestral mics from Sennheiser and Neumann to get the sort of classic sound that we don’t quite have right now.”

With the new systems in place, Canada and his team of volunteers enjoy smooth, glitch-free services week after week. Thus, it’s with a mixture of anticipation and (light-hearted) dread that they are beginning preparations for First Redeemer’s spectacular Christmas Program. “It’s not your average Christmas production,” laughed Canada. The program will repeat three nights and will call to the stage every piece of gear owned by the church, including all twenty-five Sennheiser wireless channels.

ABOUT SENNHEISER Sennheiser is a world-leading manufacturer of microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems. Established in 1945 in Wedemark, Germany, Sennheiser is now a global brand represented in 60 countries around the world with U.S. headquarters in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Sennheiser’s pioneering excellence in technology has rewarded the company with numerous awards and accolades including an Emmy, a Grammy, and the Scientific and Engineering Award of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

PHOTO CAPTION First Redeemer Church, Cumming, Georgia, switched from another leading competitor to Sennheiser evolution wireless systems for superior RF switching capabilities and improved sonic performance.

For more information, please visit

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greg_ladanyi.JPGLOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 2009: Producer and engineer Greg Ladanyi, well-known for his work with Jackson Browne, Fleetwood Mac, Don Henley and Toto, has installed a pair of ATC (Acoustic Transducer Company) SCM50ASL Pro active three-way monitors in his studio at Maple Jam Music Group. The one-room facility focuses on pre-production, tracking and mixing for the group’s roster of artists, which include Anna Vissi, Type O Negative, and Hollywood Undead.

The SCM50ASL Pro mid-field systems, which each incorporate a one-inch dome tweeter, three-inch custom Super Linear soft dome mid-driver and a 12.4-inch Super Linear woofer, driven by three optimally matched MOSFET amp blocks, are the main reference monitors in Ladanyi’s Maple Jam Sound studio. “These speakers have incredible imaging. I was fascinated with that, which has probably been the most fun thing for me,” comments Ladanyi, a thirty-year record production and live sound veteran who is president of the Maple Jam Music Group.

He elaborates, “I do a lot of stuff with mono. I’d rather have three mono guitars than a stereo guitar, all with slightly different parts and slightly different playing. With these ATC speakers I seem to be able to identify mono pockets with mono reverbs where you really want to create 3-D or a depth in the record as opposed to just width. I could really hear that in more detail, and when I took it home or in the car (I surround myself with various ways to listen to everything) I could really hear the work I did. I like that.”

The ATC monitors were purchased to replace a 5.1 setup – underemployed as surround work dried up – that simply wasn’t loud enough as a stereo system. “A lot of the hip-hop guys I’ve worked with like to play it loud,” observes Ladanyi, “so I needed a speaker to push more bottom than the previous system. The ATC speakers are really a lot of fun at loud volumes, and people love them. I can listen at loud volumes for a long time and not find myself fatigued, but at low and medium volume they’re just great, too. I probably have enjoyed working on these speakers more than any speaker I’ve ever worked with.”

Maple Jam Music Group was created in response to the changing music industry landscape, evolving out of the original Maple Jam Records label, formed in 2004, to bring together additional artist support mechanisms under one roof, such as management, publishing and publicity, as well as the label and the in-house Maple Jam Sound production facility. “We’re doing some good work here,” reports Ladanyi. “This room is primarily for pre-production, organizing the songs and arrangements, into the final work, recording keyboards, guitars and vocals, and mixing. I go to other studios for drums and strings or anything that I need ambient space for. But when you get into the personal work that really requires time and detail, the artists love it here.”

For Ladanyi, whose work has contributed to sixteen Grammy nominations for the artists with whom he has worked, a personal nomination for Producer of the Year and a Grammy Award for Best Engineered Recording (for Toto’s 1982 release, “Toto IV”), the in-house arrangement suits him just fine. “The upside to all of the changes that have happened to the recording process is, for me, to take advantage of it and to use it to make better records. This is not a home studio but more of a production studio, and I use it to its fullest. I want music to sound good. That’s important for everybody.”

ABOUT ATC ATC products are manufactured by Loudspeaker Technology Ltd, UK. ATC is a registered trademark of Loudspeaker Technology Ltd. Acoustic Transducer Company is a trading style of Loudspeaker Technology Ltd. All trademarks acknowledged.

ABOUT LAS VEGAS PRO AUDIO, a division of TransAudio Group, is the launch pad for the brands of tomorrow. The goal of is to provide unique equipment, useful information and long-term support to their clients.

PHOTO CAPTION Producer/engineer, Greg Ladanyi, chose ATC (Acoustic Transducer Company) SCM50ASL Pro active monitors for his new studio at Maple Jam Music Group. (702) 307-2700 •

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john_holbrook_1.JPGKINDERHOOK, NEW YORK – APRIL 2009: John Holbrook commands a deep respect from his peers for engineering many of the world’s most vibrant rock ‘n roll albums. His career started in the seminal 1960s, where, as a disc-cutting engineer for IBC studios, he worked on masters for The Who’s “Tommy” and Jimi Hendrix’ “Electric Ladyland,” among many others. He has worked for analog synth manufacturer EMS, designed several well-regarded recording rooms in New York, and maintains an active freelance engineering schedule. His work has earned him five Grammy Awards and innumerable gold and platinum albums for work with such acts as Natalie Merchant, Elton John, The Brian Setzer Orchestra, B.B. King, and The Isley Brothers. He recently upgraded the monitors in his personal studio to a pair of Klein + Hummel O 300Ds.

In the late 1970s, Holbrook came upon a pair of Chartwell bookshelf, two-way monitors that were built to BBC specifications. He relied on them for nearly three decades, but with age and the industry’s subtly shifting expectations of deeper lows and higher highs, his confidence in them began to wane.

In searching for a replacement, Holbrook read reviews of all the leading high-end monitor brands. “The reviews of Klein + Hummel, including posts to, contained a lot of positive words,” he commented. “My room is fairly small by most standards, so I needed speakers that wouldn’t overwhelm the space. Moreover, I wanted something that would give me an accurate picture of the low-end without having to rely on subwoofers. On paper at least, the Klein + Hummel O 300Ds seemed to fit the bill.”

The Klein + Hummel O 300D is a modestly-sized active monitor with eight-inch, three-inch, and one-inch drivers. Its frequency response is flat from 35Hz to 24kHz, in keeping with modern expectations and as one of the few three-way monitors on the market, delivering a precise midrange for discerning ears.

Holbrook brought a pair home to audition for a week. “They sounded fantastic,” he enthused, “but I called my engineering friends over to make sure I wasn’t crazy. Across the board, everyone who sat down said, without prompting, ‘I could listen to these all day!’ That, of course, is hugely important.” He purchased the pair without hesitation, and the Chartwells finally took a well-deserved rest.

After mixing several projects, Holbrook has a handle on the qualities that set his Klein + Hummels apart. “Midrange is incredibly important,” he explains, “and these seem to translate very well. They help me place a vocal in the mix with greater confidence. At the same time the low-end on the O 300Ds is really smooth and extended. It’s been a refreshing change!”

ABOUT KLEIN + HUMMEL Klein + Hummel is a Sennheiser Group company. For over 60 years, Klein + Hummel is revered in the professional audio industry for its advances in sound reinforcement combined with unparalleled quality and innovative solutions. Klein + Hummel products are distributed exclusively in the United States, Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean by Sennheiser Electronic Corporation, located in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

The Sennheiser Group is also proudly affiliated with Neumann (Technical Grammy(r) award-winner) and the joint venture Sennheiser Communications (technologically advanced headsets for PCs, offices and call centers).

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omega_prodigy_anima.JPGROCKVILLE, MARYLAND – APRIL 2009: Omega Recording Studios, the largest recording studio complex in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, has invested in Prodigy Engineering’s eight-channel remote controllable pre-amplification system – Anima.

For over 35 years, Omega Recording Studios has contributed to the rich history of popular music. The sounds of Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, and many other influential artists are deeply embedded in the walls of Omega’s recording studios. While Omega certainly has no shortage of highly sought-after vintage amplifiers and signal processors, in their continuing effort to augment the studios with the best and newest in technology, they relied on Prodigy Engineering to deliver their most eagerly awaited purchase of the year.

“After hearing this piece, I knew this was the right match for Omega Recording Studios. Our mainstay is recording live musicians – orchestras, big bands, jazz greats. We need preamps that are clean and can capture the rich sound of great musicians playing fine musical instruments and using great microphones. The Anima gives us true rich sound along with cutting edge technology. This is a winner!” said owner, Edward Petersen.

Contrary to the countless numbers of vintage amplifier designs that have been copied, re-branded, and re-released by many new companies in recent years, Prodigy Engineering has produced something truly noteworthy. Anima is the result of over two years of original design work – true to form research and development. The Anima preamplifier is an original OpAmp design with precision wound input and output transformers and relay stepped gain in 1dB increments. Additionally, the Anima features the ability to save settings internally along with easy integration options for the professional recording industry standard platform, Digidesign Pro Tools HD(r) and compatible control surfaces like the ICON(r).

Dave Durr general manager adds, “I have been excited for this piece! Great sounding analog circuitry in a digitally controlled environment – what’s not to love! Open top-end, firm lows and a silky midrange make this a powerful unit in our outboard mic pre collection.”

Anima is the proof of concept that uncompromised quality and integrity can still be engineered and built in the USA.

ABOUT OMEGA RECORDING STUDIOS Omega Recording Studios is located in Rockville, Maryland. The five-studio complex houses Neve, SSL, and API studios, along with a Pro Tools mastering suite featuring a 32-channel Pro Control. The new addition – “Studio E” – features a dual operator, 48-channel ICON D-Control, configured for both music mixing and film/video post-production.

Omega is also the home of the Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts & Sciences, a nationally accredited school that has trained recording engineers and technicians for the music industry since 1977. For more information, visit the website at:

ABOUT PRODIGY ENGINEERING Headquartered in Bowie, Maryland, Prodigy Engineering is a leading electronics design firm specializing in the development and manufacture of innovative audio signal processors. For more information, visit the Prodigy Engineering website at:

PHOTO CAPTION Omega Recording Studios staff engineers (left to right): Shannon Follin, Scotty O’Toole, Larry “Priest” Ware II, and General Manager Dave Durr.

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Harman Professional CEO Blake Augsburger Honored By Texas Tech University, Receives Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering Distinguished Engineer Award

Harman Professional Chief Executive Officer, Blake Augsburger, has been named a recipient of Texas Tech University’s Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering Distinguished Engineer Award. The prestigious Award is a recognition of University alum who have excelled in their profession, have provided inspiration to their peers and have demonstrated a continuing interest in areas outside of engineering. Blake Augsburger joins Chi-Ming Chang, James A. Edmiston, Shelby Johnson and J. G. Soules as 2009 Distinguished Engineer Award recipients for outstanding contributions to the engineering field.

“I am honored and humbled to be named a Distinguished Engineer by Texas Tech University,� Blake Augsburger said today. “Having attended the school for my graduate and post-graduate degrees, I am acutely aware of the depth of talent that passes through the University’s halls. It’s a great privilege to join Chi-Ming Chang, James A. Edmiston, Shelby Johnson and J. G. Soules as a 2009 Distinguished Engineer Award recipient. I congratulate the other recipients and I am grateful to the University for its contribution to the advancement of engineering innovation, for its great service to the student body and for the education and direction that I received at the school.�

The Distinguished Engineer Award was established during the 1966-67 academic year to recognize the most outstanding alumni of the college. Since that time, 194 graduates have received this honor.blake_augsburger.jpg

“The Distinguished Engineer award is an excellent opportunity for the Whitacre College of Engineering to recognize our exceptional alumni,� said Pamela Eibeck, dean of the Whitacre College of Engineering. “Our faculty and staff are proud of the accomplishments of our alumni, especially those that earn the title of ‘Distinguished Engineer.’ These five individuals are members of an elite group that have coupled outstanding career success with significant contributions to society.�

“The professional audio and video communities are packed tight with excellent engineering talent and at Harman Professional we are determined to lead AV innovation by investing heavily in engineering R&D so that our products out-innovate the competition and outperform market expectations,� Augsburger continued. “I am proud and pleased that Harman Professional’s recognized track record of engineering excellence and innovation mirrors that of Texas Tech.�

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Apprentice Audio Engineers Expand Their Career Horizons.


Pictured L-R standing are Michael Giotto, Ocean Way owner Allen Sides, Robin Goodchild, and seated Ryan Reault, Joe Corey, and Brian Adams. Photo by David Goggin.

Apprentice audio engineers at Hollywood’s famed Ocean Way Recording Studios have completed their first online studies at, the online continuing education division of Boston’s renowned Berklee College of Music.

Engineer/producer and studio owner Allen Sides commented, “We are extremely proud to have our team studying online at Berkleemusic. We have always stressed that the staff learn about recording as an art form and Berklee certainly embodies that concept. As our apprentices move up the ladder they can easily continue their formal education because online learning has such a flexible, self-determined schedule.”

New online Game Audio student Brian Adams reported: “I learned about the making of a game’s sound and how important every detail is in the design and composition of the game. I was able to work on a game demo and compose music along with designing sound effects for the environment using a game engine called Pipmak. It was a great way to get into gaming and has lead to an offer from Activision as a QA Tester.”

New online Music Theory student Michael Giotto remarked, “This was my first online course and it definitely refreshed my knowledge and boosted my ear training, which is a great advantage in the music industry.”

Robin Goodchild, a Commercial Music Production graduate of England’s University of Manchester, remarked, “I was surprised at how much I learned – by the end of the course my confidence had grown immensely. Music Theory crops up in everything that I do, and if I had known about this course a few years ago I think I would be a lot further along by now.”

Ocean Way houses what many people consider to be among the best sounding large live rooms ever built. Constructed in 1958, the studios have been the site of an astonishing number of classic hit records which have sold in excess of a billion worldwide. Ocean Way is the most awarded studio complex on the West Coast.

ABOUT BERKLEEMUSIC.COM is the continuing education division of Berklee College of Music, delivering online access to Berklee’s acclaimed curriculum from anywhere in the world. Berkleemusic’s award-winning online courses and certificate programs are accredited and taught by the college’s world-renowned faculty, providing lifelong learning opportunities to people interested in music and working in the music industry. As the business of music continues to move online, Berkleemusic is taking a leadership role in educating the next generation of producers, performers, and entrepreneurs on this evolving industry landscape. Berkleemusic’s students come from over 80 countries around the world, and include Grammy award winners, managers, artists, publishers, music business entrepreneurs and major international touring acts.


exmachina_wharton_cotehi.jpgQuébec City, QC, Canada – April 2009… When Robert Lepage, Ex Machina’s founder and artistic director, asked his collaborators to help find a name for his new company, he had one condition: the word theatre could not be part of the name. Recognized as one of today’s foremost stage directors and a leading figure in the Canadian avant garde, Lepage leads a multi-disciplinary company that unites actors, writers, set designers, technicians, opera singers, puppeteers, computer graphic designers, video artists, film producers, contortionists, and musicians to transport theatre to an entirely new level that uniquely blends a variety of artistic disciplines. This is a company that values technology for its ability to contribute to the greater artistic good and, for this very reason, Lectrosonics’ has become an integral part of the company’s performances. more

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iZotope ANR-Bâ„¢ Cleans Up Reality TV

Terry Dwyer at Wild Woods, Inc. uses Adaptive Real-time Noise Reduction to save noisy dialog on CBS’s Survivor

NAB – Las Vegas, Booth N9108 – Terry Dwyer, Chief Engineer and Supervising Re-Recording Mixer at Wild Woods Inc., has recently adopted iZotope’s new Adaptive Real-time Noise Reduction unit, ANR-B, to rescue recorded dialog for Survivor and other shows.

ANR-B is designed to automatically remove broadband and tonal noise from dialog in real-time with little or no interaction from the user, making it ideal for the demands of reality TV, live broadcast and call in settings, and other challenging applications. With the choice of completely automatic operation or a lightning-fast “Learn� mode, mixers can deal with noise issues more quickly than ever before, leaving them free to focus on the task at hand.

“On CBS Survivor, iZotope ANR-B reduced the most stubborn noise source of all, water, without artifacts,� Explains Dwyer. “It allowed us to retrieve whispered lines that were lost in the surf in an astounding fashion and eliminated the need to title the lines. ANR-B dramatically improves the catch-as-you-can elevated noise-floors that are common in this type of material.�

Dwyer also recently used ANR-B to clean dialog on Sci-Fi’s Estate of Panic. “The host wraps on Estate of Panic had substantial noise that compromised enjoyment of the host’s performance. ANR-B quickly eliminated almost all of the noise. The difference was night and day, and again without artifact.â€?

Terry Dwyer has won two Emmy Awards, including one for Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Non-Fiction Program for his work on Survivor.

iZotope’s ANR-Bâ„¢ uses patent-pending technology to intelligently identify and suppresses environmental broadband noise, hum, phone line artifacts and more to dramatically increase the quality of voice recordings and broadcasts. Unlike other solutions, ANR-B actually detects noise on the fly and adapts to changing noise over time allowing for automatic operation with almost no input required from the user. Whether the problem is an air conditioner or fan, an engine, a studio with bad wiring, ISDN artifacts or another noise source, ANR-B can dramatically improve the quality of on-location audio and the intelligibility of your interviews and call-ins.

Pricing and Availability
iZotope ANR-B is now available at a retail price of $4,995 US.

In the Los Angeles area, contact RSPE ( to buy ANR-B. In New York City area, contact Dale Pro Audio ( For more information and other inquiries contact Bruce Bartone, Director of Sales at iZotope, at


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