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Hip Hop Artists and Notables Celebrate Opening of Dream Maker Studio

Dream Maker Studio Founders Mark Kaspiev and Patricia Kaspiev welcome guests to the studio’s Grand Opening in Bohemia, NY.

Mark Kaspiev, CEO/Founder of Dream Maker Studio, (left) is congratulated at the studio’s Grand Opening in Bohemia, NY by music industry Producer Dave Lighty (right)



The recent Grand Opening of Dream Maker Studio in Bohemia, Long Island, New York was a spirited event celebrating the entrepreneurial dreams of its founders Mark and Patricia Kaspiev. Dream Maker Studio founders and staff welcomed over 100 guests, including a number of hip-hop celebrity artists, record label executives, producers and engineers, to the new state-of-the-art full service music and video production studio. Among the music industry notables and hip hop artists present were Dave Lighty, brother of the late music industry executive and founder of Violator Chris Lighty; Mims; Uncle Murda; Marvin Murphy a/k/a Double M, Mike Classic, Pablo Escobar Jr., 4Dem and So Titri.

Music industry guests commented on the studio’s audio and video capabilities that are under one roof. Music can be recorded in the high tech audio studio one day and the next day a music video can be shot in the adjacent video studio.

“In the highly competitive world of music recording and video production, artists and their production teams need access to state-of-the-art equipment and talented professionals to assist them with capturing their creativity and talent. Our opening event allowed us to show industry professionals as well as aspiring artists what we have to offer and meet our experienced creative team. We have already have been approached by attendees about producing several new projects at our facility. Whether it’s a recording of a song, creating a television commercial for a local business, filming a wedding or family event, our focus is on quality, something that the Long Island market needs desperately,” said Mark Kaspiev.

Billy Anastasiou, VP and Creative Director said, “All this attention from our industry was overwhelming. Seeing the reaction of professionals to our studio proved to us that we have created a quality facility that is much needed in the Long Island market.”

The 3,200 sq. ft. Dream Maker Studio is located at 1648 Locust Avenue, Ste. E in Bohemia. It features the latest in audio-video production equipment. From an advanced 25- foot green screen to the latest in lighting equipment to the cutting-edge recording booth, Dream Maker Studio is the only one-stop audio-video production studio of its kind on Long Island.

For more information contact Patricia Kaspiev at (631) 319-1376 or visit or Facebook

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Watermark Community Church Gives Kudos to KUDO

Acoustic Dimensions and Clair Brothers Audio Systems move and expand L-ACOUSTICS PA from interim worship space to new 3,500-seat main sanctuary

DALLAS, Texas — After four years of holding services in its 2,100-seat interim worship center, Dallas’ Watermark Community Church has now moved its congregation into a beautiful new 3,500-seat main sanctuary. Acoustic Dimensions once again served as the consultant for the client and, as it did in the past, specified an L-ACOUSTICS KUDO loudspeaker system, which was installed by Clair Brothers Audio Systems. more

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Bay Area High Schools Give L-ACOUSTICS KIVA High Marks

Aragon High School

Shalleck Collaborative specifies KIVA and KARA systems for half a dozen secondary school theater venues

SAN FRANCISCO — California’s San Mateo Union High Schools District is currently in the process of remodeling — and, in some instances, totally replacing — the theaters of six of its high schools: Aragon, Burlingame, Capuchino, Hillsdale, Mills, and the flagship San Mateo location. Theater consulting for each of the venues was provided by San Francisco’s Shalleck Collaborative, which specified L-ACOUSTICS loudspeaker systems throughout. more

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RF-intermodPRO™ Identifies RF Intermodulation

RF-intermodPRO™, a new software product that aids in calculating, predicting and identifying intermodulation interference of wireless devices, has been introduced by Kaltman Creations LLC under the Invisible Waves™ product banner.

The PC-based product refines and simplifies the process of identifying intermodulation distortion (IMD) frequencies in a given RF spectrum and is available as a standalone PC-based software product or as a plug-in option for the Invisible Waves™ RF Command Center. The intermod software is designed for professional audio wireless microphone users, AV installers of wireless devices, frequency coordinators, and broadcasters.

Intermodulation distortion is created when two or more transmission frequencies mix together and form new additional signals. Sometimes referred to as ‘spurious emissions’, these newly created frequencies are harmonic as well as the sum and difference of the original frequency. And, these newly generated frequencies may be strong enough to cause interference to any transmitter that tries to occupy the same RF-spurious emissions space.

The new RF-intermodPRO graphically displays onscreen the predicted locations of these intermod components and assists in the frequency coordination process. Based on the user’s selection of transmitter models from a device library or custom inventory list, the software will advise the user on the best selection of transmitters/frequencies. Additionally, based on zip code entry, the software automatically defines and identifies unusable RF spectrum spaced around local DTV channels and other local interference. What makes this software stand out over other intermod prediction software is the intuitive ease-of-use, ‘One Click’ group calculations, Click, Drag & Place spectral graphical representation, custom TX inventory profiles, DTV blocks, and stable reliability.

As a plug-in, the RF-intermodPRO works in conjunction with the RF Command Center’s Frequency Coordinator, scanning the local RF environment in real-time, identifying open and usable RF spectrum, and at the same time performing real-world intermod calculations. When the RF-intermodPRO is used as a plug-in with the RF Command Center, the combination becomes the most powerful RF coordination solution available.

According to Mark Kaltman, president of Kaltman Creations LLC, “The one-button-push to instantly do your frequency coordination based on your microphone inventory is a very effective tool. We’ve designed this product to be graphically intuitive with easy to use Click & Place functions, so the user doesn’t have to deal with multiple-step processes and database style selection lists.”

“These days, with all of the RF allocation turmoil and the ever-shrinking RF space, wireless users should be more concerned than ever with intermod issues,” Kaltman said. “The Invisible Waves RF-intermodPRO is a new and the must-have tool for your RF arsenal.”

Detailed product information, screen shots and demo software can be found under the Invisible Waves products listing at or call 678-714-2000 to order. The RF-intermodPRO standalone version is $450 and the RF Command Center plug-in version is discounted for new and current RF Command Center users at $275.

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Moog Music Resynthesizes 44-Year-Old Live Recording of the Grateful Dead Into New Tools for Artists

Moog Music today announced the official release of the Grateful Dead Expansion Pack, which innovatively turns the Grateful Dead’s live performance at the Carousel Ballroom on Feb. 14, 1968 into a source of harmonic content exclusively for Animoog, Moog’s TEC-Award Nominated synthesizer for the iPad. The pack features 82 Presets and 45 Timbres that were carefully extracted from the live recording, and then optimized for the Animoog’s Anisotropic Synthesis Engine.

Mike Adams, Moog Music President and CEO said, “Two very important legacies left by Bob Moog and his life’s work were the idea of looking at new technology and crafting new tools to enable musicians to make music in new and inspiring ways, and also the importance of collaborating with musicians to help shape those tools.  This innovative integration of textures from the Grateful Dead’s live recordings into Animoog’s timbre library is a true manifestation of this legacy.”

The Grateful Dead Expansion Pack is broken into three categories: ensemble, percussion and vocal sounds. In each case the timbres were extracted from individual vocal performances, percussion hits or instrument riffs performed during the Grateful Dead’s concert at the Carousel Ballroom 44 years ago. The pack allows musicians today to create dynamic soundscapes from the Dead’s rare and complex source harmonic content originally performed decades ago.

Cyril Lance, Moog Music’s Chief Engineer explains, “We’re not simply providing samples from the Grateful Dead’s body of work, rather we’ve distilled the essence of notes and phrases in a different way to transform these performances into new instruments — new voices. Now we’ve made these unique voices available to artists in a way that enables them to create their own music and voices based on this fundamental essence.”

The Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart, who visited the Moog Factory on April 19, 2012 to test the development of the Grateful Dead Expansion Pack exclaimed, “Holy transmogrification, Batman… Amazing!” after hearing the Grateful Dead’s 44-year-old recordings transformed into sound design tools for artists.

The Grateful Dead Expansion Pack comes on the heels of Moog’s release of Animoog V2 on December 21, 2012. Animoog V2 is free for existing Animoog users. It includes many user requested features and product enhancements, such as: accelerometer integration which gives Animoog owners the ability to tilt their iPad in any direction as an interactive 3D modulation source; note hold and scale lock, and tools for advanced users like, Load/Save MIDI CC maps, Audiocopy/Audiopaste integration and support for the new Audiobus platform. Also, as a holiday gift, Animoog V2 features a powerful 4 Track Recorder, which gives Animoog users the ability to record audio from within Animoog or import audio tracks directly from their iTunes library. Users can then split, loop, copy, paste, and share individual clips, or mix down entire songs and upload them directly to SoundCloud, all from within the Animoog’s universe. This 4 Track Recorder will be free to existing users until Dec. 31, 2012 at which time it will revert to it’s regular price of $4.99 in the Animoog Store.

Furthermore, between Dec 20th and Dec 31st Animoog for iPad will be available at the promotional price of $14.99 (reg. price $29.99), Animoog for iPhone will be available at the promotional price of $4.99 (reg. price $9.99), and Moog’s first iOS app, Filtatron will be available at the promotional price of $4.99 (reg. price $7.99).

Animoog V2- Animoog V2- $14.99 until Dec. 31, 2012 ($29.99 reg. price)
Grateful Dead Expansion Pack – $4.99
4 Track Recorder – Free until Dec. 31, 2012 (reg. price $4.99)

Animoog on the iTunes App Store:
Animoog product page:
For more info on the Grateful Dead please visit
Moog Music website:
Moog Music on Twitter:
Animoog on Facebook:

The Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart visited the Moog Factory in April to test the development of the Grateful Dead Expansion Pack.

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Waveplant Composer Joel Corelitz Blends Traditional and Non-Traditional Musical Elements For Sublime “The Unfinished Swan” Videogame Soundtrack

Recorded With A Full Orchestra, Evocative Score Perfectly Captures The Mood Of Acclaimed Game Designed For Sony Playstation

CHICAGO, IL – The new Sony Playstation 3 game “The Unfinished Swan” is all about exploring the unknown. The same is also true for composer Joel Corelitz of Waveplant Studios, whose personal creative journey with the project found him writing some 60 minutes of original music that blends traditional and nontraditional elements into a wholly original score.

“People in music often talk about film and TV scores as either being traditional or non-traditional, with non-traditional frequently being characterized as at odds with a classic, melody-based score,” Corelitz says. “I wanted to create something that felt like a mix of both, a blending of organic instruments and ambient sound design that would feel fresh ten years from now.”

Set in a mysterious black and white landscape that grows more colorful as the game progresses, “The Unfinished Swan” centers on a lonely 10-year-old orphan named Monroe who follows a swan that has stepped out of an unfinished painting and wandered off into a surreal, storybook-inspired kingdom. Each chapter brings surprises, new ways to explore the world, a host of bizarre (and sometimes dangerous) creatures and encounters with the eccentric king who built this empire.

Finding A Balance:
For Corelitz, who Is perhaps best known for his work in advertising and film/video installations, such as LOOM, the interactivity musical installation work for HP, as well as traditional ads for Dodge Dart, Pop Tarts and Kelley Blue Book, one of the key challenges centered on taking the game’s moody narrative and composing a score that didn’t sound too minor key. The goal, he says, was to use those emotions and build on them with music that also captures a sense of wonder at this strange world.

“There’s a sad backstory to the main character,” Corelitz explains, “and we needed to bring those emotions to the table, but it was equally important that we infuse the music with a sense of curiosity and playfulness.”

With that in mind, Corelitz’s score features an array of plucked acoustic instruments, such as harps, marimbas and violins, layered onto a bed of ambient sound design and ethereal synth tones. It’s a blend that effectively borrows from traditional film scorers and non-traditional mood purveyors.

“As you play the game, the music is constantly evolving,” Corelitz says. “It’s never quite the same no matter how many times you play. The music is not just background noise, it’s part of the world, it’s part of how you feel, how the character feels. We didn’t want those things to be separate, we wanted it to be all one experience.”

Recording In Nashville:
The music was recorded at Ocean Way Studios in Nashville, TN, and for Corelitz hearing his score performed live by both a 25-piece orchestra and a simple string quartet was a powerful moment.

“Ocean Way is an amazing studio housed in a 100-year-old gothic church,” Corelitz says. “Hearing my music performed by this orchestra in this studio was amazing. ‘The Unfinished Swan’ let me spread out creatively and flex musical muscles that haven’t used in awhile. It was an amazingly satisfying project to be a part of and I’m proud of what we accomplished.”

About Waveplant:
Led by Composer Joel Corelitz, Waveplant transcends classification in its design-oriented approach to composition – creating a seamless sensory experience. Fusing music and sound design, Waveplant produces audio for advertising, broadcast, gaming, film and live installations. Firmly believing that truly special projects deserve originality in every aspect of their creation, as well as the idea that being hired to work on something should never preclude the incorporation of heart and soul, Waveplant is a haven for original sound. For more information go to

Web Resources:
Click here to hear Waveplant’s score for “The Unfinished Swan”:

Click here for more information about Waveplant:

Click here for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of “The Unfinished Swan” music:


“SSL has perfected the blending of computer technology with the industry standard analogue way of recording.”

MIDLAND, TX – MudRock Recording Studios, a premiere, commercial recording facility built to service clients of the Nashville on the Brazos record label, stepped up to a Solid State Logic AWS 948 Hybrid Console/Controller to complete its high-end studio vision. Founded by entrepreneur and vocalist Ken Goldsmith, whose creative vision drives the studio, the facility additionally caters to local and national bands featuring multiple rooms that cover everything from simple rehearsals to full blown music video production.

“MudRock Recording Studios was built to rival studios found in Nashville and LA, offering high-end recording services for bands and artists in our region,” says Anthony Nieto, record and mix engineer for MudRock. “When considering a console, we canvassed leading recording studios, polled major producers, extremely well-established mixing engineers and artists, and SSL was consistently on the top of everyone’s list of choices. Given the track counts, the classic layout of the console, 24 channels of SuperAnalogue™ pre amps, SSL EQ and the legendary bus compressor, the AWS 948 was everything we needed to get going from the top level. You really cannot go wrong with SSL.”

MudRock Recording Studios features The Ballroom, which provides a 640 square foot stage and 200-seat capacity for showcasing bands and hosting events. The Ballroom is set for the production of music videos and includes lighting, video recording, broadcasting capabilities and large screen displays. The Live Room is large enough for up to eight musicians/singers, with the Ballroom doubling as a giant drum booth for heavier sessions. Both rooms are connected to the AWS.

“The Ballroom in MudRock will provide a set for live band performances as well as multimedia video recording and broadcasting,” continues Nieto. “Our intention is to employ highly-skilled audio/video engineers and technicians, with the goal of airing a weekly music show that will showcase up-and-coming performers as well as big name stars. Our hope is this will give us a national distribution network to sell the music developed by writers signed to Nashville on the Brazos. The AWS is a big part of this because of the wow-factor in owning an SSL console. The AWS definitely draws musicians to the facility.”

MudRock engineer Ken Morgan adds, “The AWS was a real good choice for this studio because it integrates perfectly with Pro Tools® 10 and beyond, which is a big part of where we are headed. But more importantly, it gives us the opportunity to use it as a standalone analogue board. I have a lot of experience on legacy SSL consoles and I like the way SSL has carried forward its industry standard ergonomic user interface. I really prefer the automation features of the SSL over Pro Tools and I love the EQ’s and the way the console responds. It just sounds right. To its credit, SSL has been nothing short of miraculous in getting us up and running with the AWS. SSL has perfected the blending of computer technology with the industry standard analogue way of recording.”

Solid State Logic is the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for music, broadcast and post production professionals. For more information about our award-winning products, please visit:

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DPA Microphones Cope Brilliantly With High Altitude

Producer Hans Nielsen Discovers That Only DPA Microphones Can Capture the Sound of Chinese Monks in a Temple High above Sea Level

BEIJING, DECEMBER 20, 2012 – Recording at high altitudes is not something most sound engineers tackle every day. So, when Danish producer and engineer, Hans Nielsen, was asked to record a choir of 500 monks in a Chinese temple thousands of feet above sea level, he knew he’d need a very resilient microphone to cope with the challenging conditions. DPA Microphones’ 4006A omnidirectional microphones and 4011A cardioids were perfectly suited to the environment surrounding Nielsen’s recording of the album The Coming Ones by internationally acclaimed folk singer and songwriter Sa Ding Ding.

“I’ve always been a big fan of DPA Microphones and have used them regularly for over 25 years,” says Nielsen, who is from Focus Recording Studios. “When I realized this project involved recording at high altitude, I knew I had to take my DPA mics with me because they were the only ones I could rely on to capture the high-quality sound I wanted in such extreme conditions.”

While in China, Nielsen found himself recording the very intricate Sa Ding Ding album in a variety of environments. A mix of Han and Mongol ancestry, Sa Ding Ding sings in a number of languages including Mandarin, Sanskrit and Tibetan, as well as an imaginary self-created language that evokes the emotions of her songs. She also plays traditional instruments such as the guzheng and matougin (a horse-head fiddle).

“Sa Ding Ding wanted to include the Monk’s choir in her album, so we travelled to the temple, which was high up in the mountains near Tibet,” explains Nielsen. “The monks were singing a mass, and we captured their performance using nine DPA 4006A omnidirectional microphones and one DPA 4011A cardioid. Then, later that night, we used the same microphones to record a choir of 100 monks so that their singing could also be incorporated into two of Sa Ding Ding’s album tracks.”

Two days later, and this time a little closer to the earth’s core, Nielsen recorded a 50-strong Christian choir for the album, again using DPA microphones. Nielsen says he chose the DPA 4006A and 4011A microphones because he was confident they could deliver the impeccable sound for which he was looking.

“I did have other microphones with me, but only the DPAs were able to cope with the extremely thin air,” Nielsen declares. “Everything else I tried was just too noisy and couldn’t perform perfectly in the atmospheric conditions. I was incredibly happy with the results we achieved using the DPA microphones – and so was Sa Ding Ding.”

Nielsen completed the album in Beijing, recording some traditional Chinese instruments as well as Sa Ding Ding’s lead vocals. The final mix took place in London and the album, which is entitled The Coming Ones, has now been released in Asia by Universal Records.

DPA Microphones A/S is the leading Danish Professional Audio manufacturer of high quality condenser microphones and microphone solutions for professional applications in studio, broadcast, theatre, video/film and sound reinforcement environments. All DPA microphones and components are manufactured at the company’s purpose-built factory in Denmark.

For more information on DPA Microphones, please visit

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In Time for Holiday Services, Church Gives Congregation the Gift of Enhanced Sound with Yamaha CL5

BUENA PARK, Calif.—This year’s holiday services at Ebenezer United Methodist Church in Stafford, Virginia will be enhanced significantly with the addition of a new Yamaha CL5 digital console. The 500-seat traditional and contemporary style-worship sanctuary purchased the new console along with two Yamaha RIO input/output racks from Sound Productions in Irving, Texas.

“Our decision to replace our existing analog console, was based on three major factors,” states James Mills, Director of Technology. “It had to be a digital console since we have a tight turn-around of 15 minutes between services, and attempting to use an analog board to get accurate sound levels at each service would be very difficult. The console had to physically fit in a tight space. And, as a church, we wanted to spend our money as wisely as possible, so looking at the long-term picture, it made sense to go with the CL5 knowing there would be plenty of room for growth.”

Mills said church staff and volunteers actually had to completely remove their old sound/video booth and rebuild it to fit the new console. Then he and Dave Bryant, the Director of Contemporary Music re-installed the booth’s contents including the new CL5. “I love the ease of setup and punch and clarity the CL5 brings to our sanctuary,” notes Bryant. “Since the band changes almost every week, it’s nice having such a fast, easy way to make changes to the setup, EQ and DCAs. This certainly has set us up for the future, and I’m really excited about that.”

“The console has a lot of nice features that make it friendlier to our volunteer-operator environment, including channel labeling and plenty of room for custom banks,” adds Mills. While he never had direct experience with Dante before the CL5, Mills was familiar with what it could provide in terms of audio networking and features like being able to tap into the network for multi-track recording. “Dante gave us the assurance that this was the console that would take us well into the future.”

Ebenezer UMC’s sanctuary has an average attendance on a weekend of about 1,200 across five services. There are two traditional services, one with a four to six person vocal group and the other with a 30-voice choir. The other paper services are contemporary in style with multiple musicians and vocalists.

“The Yamaha CL5 sounds great!” Mills said. “With no other audio changes to our system, the difference in sound from our old analog console to the CL5 is huge. From the pastors to the choir and band, the new console has brought to us a new standard of clarity and natural sound we had not heard in our sanctuary before. The choice of the CL5 has given us the confidence that no matter what happens next, we have a console that will be able to handle it.”

For more information on Ebenezer United Methodist Church, visit

For more information on Sound Productions, Inc. visit

For more information in the new Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Console, visit


About Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc.:
Celebrating 125 years of Passion and Performance, and 25 years in the manufacturer of high quality digital audio consoles, Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc. (YCAS) provides a full line of integrated professional audio products offering complete systems solutions for the broadcast, sound reinforcement/installed sound, touring, commercial recording, and post production markets. With the addition of NEXO to the product line, the company remains the official U.S. and Canadian distributor for all NEXO speaker models. YCAS offers comprehensive in-house and field product training for its customers, a dedicated dealer network, and 24/7 technical support.

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Hackenbacker Discovers Its ‘Inner Child’ By Tackling The Audio Post For The BBC’s Adaptation Of Mr Stink

Award-winning audio post production facility Hackenbacker is putting the finishing touches to the entire audio post for one of the BBC’s flagship Christmas programmes – a long-form 3D scripted adaptation of David Walliam’s children’s novel Mr Stink.
“We are absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to tackle this marvellous project,” says Hackenbacker’s founder Nigel Heath. “Working on children’s drama is always enjoyable as it allows us to get in touch with our ‘inner child’. This one, in particular, requires a suitably immersive soundtrack because it is being produced in 3D. It also has a fantastic story with plenty of scope to be adventurous with the audio.”
The 60-minute adaptation of Mr Stink was commissioned by former comedy controller Cheryl Taylor and BBC1 boss Danny Cohen, and is being produced by BBC In House Comedy Productions in association with David Walliams and his production company DEW Production. It is directed by Declan Lowney (Little Britain, Alan Partridge, Father Ted).
This much loved story tell the tale of Chloe, a lonely 12 year old girl (played by Nell Tiger) who befriends local tramp Mr Stink and invites him to hide out in her garden shed. While struggling to keep him hidden, she also has to contend with her overbearing mother, her put-upon father, her perfect younger sister and lots of nasty girls at school who are determined to make her life unbearable.
The BBC has lined up a strong cast for this project, with Mr Stink played by Downton Abbey star Hugh Bonneville, and Chloe’s parents played by Sheridan Smith and Johnny Vegas. Walliams will also make a guest appearance as the Prime Minister.
Mr Stink will be broadcast on BBC 1 on Sunday December 23rd 2012 and again on Boxing Day.

About Hackenbacker:
With more than 25 years experience in the audio post production business, Hackenbacker provides a first class service to the film and television industries. Its award-winning team of sound editors, designers and mixers combine a thorough knowledge of today’s technology with an understanding of the importance of deadlines in order to deliver an exceptional service to all Hackenbacker customers. The facility offers full time technical support and access to the very latest equipment as well as some more esoteric specialist devices.



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