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Brazil’s WSDG Scores Three Simultaneous Soccer Stadium Hits

Prepping For 2014 World Cup AND 2016 Olympic Opening & Closing Events!

BELO HORIZONTE, BRAZIL: As soccer enthusiasm continues to sweep the globe, venerable stadiums are undergoing substantial upgrades to keep pace with 21st Century fan expectations. Renato Cipriano, Partner/GM, Walters-Storyk Design Group/ Brazil, reports the WSDG international team has completed work on the Mineirão Stadium renovation and remains actively involved with a second major stadium renovation project in Belo Horizonte, and a third in Rio de Janeiro.

The second largest sports arena in Brazil, the 62,160 seat Mineirão Stadium was originally built in 1965. When Belo Horizonte was named one of 12 cities to host the 2014 World Cup, the state government considered the event a landmark in the city’s development, one expected to generate benefits long after the World Cup is history. Officials immediately recognized the need for a significant Audio/Video and acoustics upgrade to enable the 45-year-old complex to comply with FIFA technical requirements.

“Coordinating three large-scale arena projects simultaneously is an Olympic-level challenge in its own right,” Cipriano explains. “Fortunately WSDG’s global offices have extensive experience in multi-task collaboration. Our U.S. and European teammates assisted us in providing accurate technical, acoustic, aesthetic and technological recommendations for all three stadiums in a timely and cost-effective manner.”

WSDG was retained to design the Acoustic Program and complete Audio and Video Systems for the entire stadium including all public areas, a total of 300.000 square meters (3,000,000 sq. ft). Mission specs encompass: Inclusive acoustical treatments, a comprehensive sound system, serving the soccer field, audience and, internal spaces such as VIP rooms, access areas, and offices; Video systems, including two large LED video walls (85 square meter/915 sq. ft.) each; Video displays throughout the stadium; And, fully integrated Audio and Video Control Rooms

“Our primary facility management concerns focused on the level of sound comfort and intelligibility in relation to the RT60 reverberation time required to meet stipulated FIFA STI mandates,” Cipriano says. “Our sophisticated simulation programs enabled us to assess and ‘auralize’ the entire complex. We identified extensive sound reflections throughout the arena and concluded that acoustical absorption be installed at the inner ring of the audience sector to achieve the required STI values. Speaker positioning was defined for the internal and external areas, and for numerous zoning maps, which can now be individually controlled for increased flexibility and security purposes. All specific audio and video systems, and control room speaker selections, were designed to meet FIFA requirements. Additionally, we recommended incorporating a Video Wall instead of a traditional scoreboard,” he adds.

Simultaneous to this extensive Mineirão assignment, WSDG Brazil is coordinating equally ambitious Audio and Video upgrades for Brazil’s largest sports venue, the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, which hosted 250 thousand fans for a KISS concert in 1983; And, for Independencia, a 25,000 seat arena built in Belo Horizonte in 1950. All three stadiums will host events for the 2014 World Cup. And, the Maracanã will also host the opening and closing events of the 2016 Olympics.

“We are extremely pleased to have been invited to lend our expertise to three formidable Brazilian stadium projects. The Mineirão Stadium opened officially on Dec. 21, 2012 with a concert performed by Brazilian Supergroup, Jota Quest, attended by Brazil’s president Dilam Rousseff. The first soccer game will be played there in February.

“Our ability to share the expertise of our associates in our European and U.S. offices enabled us to provide precise testing, exacting presentation drawings and meticulous system integration plans in an extremely efficient, and cost-effective manner,” Cipriano concludes.


1. Mineirão Stadium in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Photo by Alberto Andri
2. Rendering, the Mineirão Stadium in Belo Horizonte, Brazil is receiving a complete audio/video and acoustical upgrade coordinated by WSDG
3. Mineirão Stadium in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Photo by Alberto Andri
4. Rendering, the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro will be completely renovated by 2014, in time for the World Cup. WSDG is coordinating the audio/video and acoustical upgrade for this project.
5. Rendering, Independencia, a 25,000-seat arena currently being renovated in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. WSDG is coordinating the complete acoustic, audio and video upgrade.


Walters-Storyk Design Group has designed over 3000 media production facilities in the U.S., Europe, the Far East and Latin America. WSDG credits range from the original Jimi Hendrix Electric Lady Studio in Greenwich Village to NYC’s Jazz At Lincoln Center performance complex, broadcast facilities for The Food Network, CBS and WNET, over twenty teaching studios for The Art Institutes around the US, and corporate clients such as Hoffman La Roche. Recent credits include Jungle City, NY’s major new destination studio; private studios for Green Day, Jay-Z, Timbaland’s Tim Mosley, film composer Carter Burwell, Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen and Alicia Keys. WSDG principals John Storyk, Beth Walters, and Dirk Noy lecture frequently at universities and industry events, and contribute regularly to industry publications. WSDG is a seven-time winner of the prestigious TEC Award for outstanding achievement in Acoustics/Facility Design, including 2012 for Jungle City. WSDG maintains offices in NY, SF, Miami, Argentina, Brazil, Beijing, Germany, Mexico City, Spain and Switzerland.

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Hal Leonard Publishes Minding Your Business

A Guide to Money and Taxes for Creative Professionals

MONTCLAIR, NJ (January 8, 2013) – If there is anything a creative person tends to dislike more than talking about money, it’s talking about taxes. But paying attention to the business side of your art is important, and author and practicing CPA, Martin Kamenski, takes you by the hand and leads you through the tangled web of the IRS.

This book will end your fear of taxes and the IRS and help you lead the life you crave as a creative professional. The language is easy to understand for even the most number-illiterate. The author’s Chicago-based practice serves clients nationwide and offers artists and creative professionals the explanations they need.

Minding Your Business provides guidance about when to treat yourself as a business, including all important considerations before incorporating and shattering some of the most prevalent (and costly) myths existing in the artistic community.

Minding Your Business is suitable for any actor, writer, musician, dancer, photographer, director, model, visual artist, band, or production company. Kamenski has taken the very fine-tuned method of explaining taxes that made his practice successful and condensed it in a book that will pay for itself tenfold. The playing field is about to be leveled. Prepare to feel in control of your financial future!

About the author
Michael Kamenski is a practicing certified public accountant and president of Rockstar CPA. His practice focuses on individual and business clients in the creative and entertainment industries. Kamenski’s dual education in theater and accounting resulted in a dual life – an advisor who is both artist and business mind in one.

Please contact Music Marcom to receive excerpts, review copies or to arrange interviews with the author!
Music Marcom
Martina McConnon or phone: 610-577-4982

Minding Your Business
$19.99 (US)
Inventory #HL 00333713
ISBN: 9781458437853
Width: 6.0″, Length: 9.0″
118 pages
Hal Leonard Books is an imprint of Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group

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*** The Asia Pacific Music Marketing management team. ***

Buena Park, CA – January 2013… Hosa Technology, the leading innovator of analog and digital connectivity solutions for the modern musician, is pleased to announce that Asia Pacific Music Marketing (APMM), its recently acquired representation for the Asia Pacific region, has been given responsibility for additional territories based upon its exceptional performance. The company, which commenced representing Hosa Technology in June 2012 throughout East and Southeast Asia (minus Japan), did such an exceptional job that Hosa has now expanded APMM’s reach to include Australia and Oceania (a region centered on the islands of the tropical Pacific Ocean).

With offices in Hong Kong, Australia, and the USA, Asia Pacific Music Marketing is an international manufacturers’ representative firm, specializing in the music products industry. APMM represents manufacturers of musical instruments, professional audio, music software, sound recording, broadcast, and music technology products. more

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TELEFUNKEN Introduces New M82 Dynamic Mic @ Winter NAMM

Engineered for Kick Drum and Broadcast Applications

Pictured is the new TELEFUNKEN M82 Dynamic Microphone for Kick Drum and Broadcast Applications.

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik of South Windsor, CT is introducing the new M82 dynamic cardioid microphone at Winter NAMM 2013. Following the same design approach as TELEFUNKEN’s other popular Dynamic Series microphones, the new M82 was created to provide a superior alternative to familiar kick drum large diaphragm dynamic microphones.

Hand-assembled and tested in the company facility in Connecticut, the M82 is a robust dynamic microphone that features a large 35mm diaphragm with superb low frequency capabilities. The M82 is an end-address microphone, meaning that the top portion of the headgrille is pointed at the sound source, and features two separate EQ switches: KICK EQ and HIGH BOOST. These two switches function independently of each other, providing four unique settings. The M82 makes it simple to tailor the microphone’s response to the source.

The M82′s KICK EQ switch engages a passive filter that reduces some of the lower mid-range frequencies (centered around 350Hz) commonly cut when processing a kick drum. This helps to keep the kick drum from sounding “boxy” and allows the low end to remain strong. This particular setting is tailored specifically for kick drum use.

The HIGH BOOST switch tilts the upper mid-range and high frequencies (starting around 2kHz with a 6dB boost by 10kHz). For kick drum use, this allows for more beater attack when placed inside a kick drum. This gives the option of either a vintage-style kick drum sound, or a more modern sound. For a source such as vocals or guitar amps, the high boost provides further articulation and airiness in the upper register.

Though it was designed with the kick drum as a primary application, the two EQ switches make the M82 equally suited for a multitude of sources such as vocals, percussion, broadcast voice, guitar and bass amplifiers, organ, and brass instruments.

On kick drum, the M82 is both fat and punchy. When placed just inside the hole of the resonant head, the M82′s tailored frequency response captures both the beater attack and shell resonance without the need for multiple microphones.

Construction wise, the M82 borrows heavily from the U47 body style by employing a headgrille of similar architecture. Finished in a durable smooth black finish on the headgrille and body, the M82 was rigorously tested to ensure it could handle the rugged role of a kick drum microphone for both studio and live environments.

The TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik M82 is delivered with a stand mount adapter and protective zipper case. An optional elastic suspension mount is available.
MSRP: $399

Hear the entire line of TELEFUNKEN mics at
WINTER NAMM Booth #1868, Hall E

To learn more about TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik, visit:

DPA Unveils d:facto™ II Vocal Mic at the 2013 NAMM Show

ALLEROED, DENMARK, JANUARY 8, 2013 – DPA Microphones is pleased to introduce the d:facto™ II Vocal Microphone at the 2013 NAMM Show (Booth 6996). With a true studio sound for the live stage, this latest addition to the d:facto line offers an extraordinarily natural sound with high separation and extreme SPL handling, giving users unlimited possibilities for their performances. In addition to use with the new wired DPA handle, the d:facto II provides singers and engineers with the added benefit of a state-of-the-art adapter system, which allows for seamless integration with many professional wireless systems. more

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FOH Engineer Horace Ward Gets Dangerous

Dangerous Music 2-Bus breathes life into mixing live with a digital console

Horace Ward

Front of house engineer Horace Ward with the Dangerous Music 2-Bus summing amp (at right), mixing the Usher concert at the Moon Palace Resorts in Cancun, Mexico, 2012.

Edmeston, NY – January 8, 2013 – Front of house engineer Horace Ward has a new secret weapon for making his live music mixes sound their best: the Dangerous Music 2-Bus. In the spirit of sharing, he’d like other engineers to know about it too, so their audiences can also get the best concert experience. The 2-Bus is best known for its role in the recording studio, bringing the tone, feel, and headroom of an analog console to digital mixes suffering from ‘in-the-box’ summing. But Ward has found a way to use the 2-Bus to get a similar enhancement – and control – over his live mixes. He says, “I don’t understand how the 2-Bus has been in the studio so long but hasn’t gotten to live shows – the sound is unbelievable.”

Over a decade ago in 2001, Dangerous Music debuted their commercial version of the Dangerous 2-Bus analog summing amp. Previously it was only made as a custom device for engineers “in the know” with Dangerous Music founders Bob Muller and Chris Muth. The 2-Bus’ release to the general public has had a profound impact on mixing with DAWs by bringing the music outside the box; It has literally defined the product category ‘analog summing,’ and today the award-winning company offers a wide range of products for recording, mastering, mixing and post-production facilities, all designed and built with mastering-quality standards and a practical aesthetic. more

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DK-Technologies Boosts its Marketing Team


DK-Technologies has appointed Uffe Kjems Hansen to the position of Product Marketing Director, with responsibility for promoting the company’s entire range of audio and video metering and monitoring products, including the award-winning DK Meter family.

Kjems Hansen joins DK-Technologies from digital processing manufacturer TC Electronic, where he held a number of positions over a 17 year period, culminating in Vice President, Business Management and Marketing. As a key member of TC Electronic’s management group he was instrumental in driving the company’s international growth through market and product focus, aligned with strategic marketing and communication.

Karsten Hansen, CEO of DK-Technologies, says: “Uffe has extensive business experience and this, combined with his in-depth knowledge of our industry, makes him the ideal person to assist DK-Technologies with its future growth strategy. He joins the company at an exciting time as we push forward with the development of our DK Meter family – a range of audio and loudness metering products that have been exceptionally well received by broadcasters and post production facilities.”

Uffe Kjems Hansen adds: “DK-Technology has always been synonymous with extreme accuracy and high quality products. The addition of the DK Meter family to the product range expands the company’s reach significantly and I am very excited to be joining at a time of great potential growth. I look forward to working with the DK-Technology team to take the company to the next level.”

Kjems Hansen will work alongside Jacob Hänel Christensen, who was appointed as Sales Director of DK-Technologies in September 2012. They jointly replace Richard Kelley, who has left the company to pursue new business opportunities in the broadcast and telecommunications field.

About DK-Technologies
DK-Technologies develops and produces audio meters, video sync and test signal generators, as well as video waveform monitors and colour analysers both for LCD and CRT monitors. Alongside its worldwide distributor network, DK-Technologies also operates branch offices in Denmark, Germany, UK and USA.


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**** Photo: Screenshot of the V2.0 software for Lectrosonics ASPEN Series processors ****

Rio Rancho, NM – January 2013… Lectrosonics, recognized the world over as a leading manufacturer of wireless microphone systems and audio processing products, is pleased to announce the release of V2.0 control software for the company’s ASPEN Series processors. Featuring an entirely new and far more intuitive GUI designed by Lectrosonics Senior Software Developer, Yuri Potapov, the V2.0 software is based on the Microsoft Silverlight platform and delivers a wealth of new and highly requested features and upgrades. more

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