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Invisible Waves X RF Command Center user tours with Cirque Du Soleil show

By Marc Depratto

I have been a user of Kaltman products since 2010. I had been looking to buy a RF spectrum analyzer that would have more functionalities than just scanning, and would also be cost effective. After a bit of research, I found the Invisible Waves X RF Command Center. I had been working with basic scanners and was a bit disappointed by their lack of flexibility, and the fact that, aside from going from left to right on the screen, they couldn’t offer real time level monitoring of my carriers and many other things I needed. more

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CPAntennas Effective, Easier in L.A. Film Production Environment

By Gary Gossett, C.A.S.
Production Sound Mixer

In April 2013 I purchased a CP Antenna from Kaltman Creations of Atlanta, GA. Their claim was that their antenna incorporated ‘Circular Polarization’ technology that was guaranteed to reduce drop-outs and those little “swishing” artifacts that we all hate so much. GUARANTEED? I had to give it a try.

My new antenna arrived the day before the annual ‘Parade of Sound Carts’ that is held in Burbank, CA, each spring. At the seminar, I proudly showed off my sound mixing cart along with my new CP antenna, but couldn’t speak to whether the antenna worked or not because I had just opened the package 24 hours earlier. Now, seven months later, I can honestly say that the CP antenna has made my work with wireless devices much, much easier.

I’ve been a production sound mixer in Los Angeles for a little over 32 years now and have had the opportunity to work with most types of wireless systems, good and bad. I my world wireless technology is mandatory and wireless frequencies are at a premium which makes my job very challenging. I don’t have the luxury for sound department delays and defiantly don’t have time to be futzing with wireless problems all day. My wireless system has to work in ALL conditions… period! more

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IW RF Command Center™ Saves Time, Ensures Results

by Dan Currie, Detroit

You’ll never know what you’re missing until you have used the Invisible Waves™ RF Command Center™ from Kaltman Creations. Doing RF without it is like time aligning subs to the mains without a dual FFT. Sure it can be done, but in an industry where the time between load in and doors can be limited, 20 minutes saved is the difference between having a nap, eating or catching up with some old friends. The RF Command Center™ saves time and ensures solid results come show time.

Currently I work for a few sound companies based out of Detroit. I can be a house tech in theatres, corporate A1 or systems tech. My goal has always been to eliminate as many variables during a show and the RF Command Center™ helps me achieve that. Having a baseball game across the street and another show at the venue next door really cuts down on the usable RF bandwidth. Another sound company in the same hotel handling breakout rooms for their events used to be a headache. When the press comes in to cover an event it now only takes a minute or two to assign them a frequency. All parties come away happy. more

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RF Analysis Right at Your Finger Tips with RF-Vue™

Imagine having the power of RF analysis right at your fingertips. Now you can master your wireless with a new generation of handheld touch tablet RF Analyzers from Kaltman Creations, the leader in RF Solutions for Pro-Audio Wireless™.

The new RF-Vue™ will be introduced under Kaltman’s Invisible Waves™ brand at the 2013 InfoComm trade show on June 12-14, in Orlando, FL.

The RF-Vue™ is offered in several versions, but the flag ship model is the RF-Vue™ T10. This handheld unit is integrated into a 10-inch touch tablet with the full Windows 8 operating system. The RF-Vue™ T10 covers the standard wireless microphone and IEM frequency range of 470MHz to 700MHz. Additional models are available which offer greater frequency ranges, plus there are standalone RF electronics/software modules for use with user-supplied computers or tablets. more

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RF-intermodPRO™ Identifies RF Intermodulation

RF-intermodPRO™, a new software product that aids in calculating, predicting and identifying intermodulation interference of wireless devices, has been introduced by Kaltman Creations LLC under the Invisible Waves™ product banner.

The PC-based product refines and simplifies the process of identifying intermodulation distortion (IMD) frequencies in a given RF spectrum and is available as a standalone PC-based software product or as a plug-in option for the Invisible Waves™ RF Command Center. The intermod software is designed for professional audio wireless microphone users, AV installers of wireless devices, frequency coordinators, and broadcasters.

Intermodulation distortion is created when two or more transmission frequencies mix together and form new additional signals. Sometimes referred to as ‘spurious emissions’, these newly created frequencies are harmonic as well as the sum and difference of the original frequency. And, these newly generated frequencies may be strong enough to cause interference to any transmitter that tries to occupy the same RF-spurious emissions space.

The new RF-intermodPRO graphically displays onscreen the predicted locations of these intermod components and assists in the frequency coordination process. Based on the user’s selection of transmitter models from a device library or custom inventory list, the software will advise the user on the best selection of transmitters/frequencies. Additionally, based on zip code entry, the software automatically defines and identifies unusable RF spectrum spaced around local DTV channels and other local interference. What makes this software stand out over other intermod prediction software is the intuitive ease-of-use, ‘One Click’ group calculations, Click, Drag & Place spectral graphical representation, custom TX inventory profiles, DTV blocks, and stable reliability.

As a plug-in, the RF-intermodPRO works in conjunction with the RF Command Center’s Frequency Coordinator, scanning the local RF environment in real-time, identifying open and usable RF spectrum, and at the same time performing real-world intermod calculations. When the RF-intermodPRO is used as a plug-in with the RF Command Center, the combination becomes the most powerful RF coordination solution available.

According to Mark Kaltman, president of Kaltman Creations LLC, “The one-button-push to instantly do your frequency coordination based on your microphone inventory is a very effective tool. We’ve designed this product to be graphically intuitive with easy to use Click & Place functions, so the user doesn’t have to deal with multiple-step processes and database style selection lists.”

“These days, with all of the RF allocation turmoil and the ever-shrinking RF space, wireless users should be more concerned than ever with intermod issues,” Kaltman said. “The Invisible Waves RF-intermodPRO is a new and the must-have tool for your RF arsenal.”

Detailed product information, screen shots and demo software can be found under the Invisible Waves products listing at or call 678-714-2000 to order. The RF-intermodPRO standalone version is $450 and the RF Command Center plug-in version is discounted for new and current RF Command Center users at $275.

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New Antenna’s Circular Polarization Guarantees Improved Reception

Guaranteed to improve reception for wireless microphones and IEM systems, Kaltman Creations LLC has just introduced the IWxCPA antenna, under the Invisible WavesTM product banner.

The antenna is not like traditional paddle or rod antennas commonly used with wireless microphone receivers and pro-audio antenna distribution systems. The IWxCPA incorporates innovative directional, “circular polarization” (CP) technology for both receiving and transmitting pro-audio wireless applications. Kaltman Creations guarantees that this antenna will reduce interference, reduce drop outs, help eliminate ‘swishing’ noise artifacts, improve RF signal to noise, and enhance reception of signals propagated through and around objects.

Traditional paddle and rod antennas used for wireless microphones are either horizontally or vertically polarized (usually vertically, as a mic is usually vertically oriented). When a microphone transmitting antenna changes its orientation in reference to the receiving antenna (as wireless mic’s and belt pack transmitters always do) the phase relationship changes. Also, as a transmitter moves behind objects or the RF reflects off of surfaces, the phase orientation can change. This out of phase or non-polarized condition results in reduced signal level at the receiver and leaves the transmission susceptible to interference.

The new IWxCPA antenna uses advanced circular polarization technology which produces a ‘drop-out free’ transmitter and receiver combination that is never out of phase. This technology, along with the antenna’s directional attributes, helps to guarantee as reliable of an RF signal link as possible.

According to Kaltman Creations LLC President Mark Kaltman, “The IWxCPA antenna strengthens one of the weaker links in the RF chain – the transmitter to receiver link. Interestingly, in the pro-audio wireless world there is little consideration given to the profound effect polarization can have on the performance of our wireless gear. Just like in the audio world, where you always consider the weakest link in the audio chain, the same considerations should be given to your RF signal chain.”

The antenna design is unique in many ways, the most obvious being its low-visibility flat panel sign. Unlike paddle and helical antennas that point into the performance area and, therefore, expose their large sides to the audience, the theatre black IWxCPA panel faces the performance area leaving only a 1.3 inch edge visible to the audience.

One reason that CP antennas are not very common in the pro-audio wireless related environment is cost. Many true CP antennas (not to be confused with cross polarization antennas) can run close to $1,000 each and in some cases are large and fragile.

The new IWxCPA antennas are sold in a 2-antenna package for only $499 and are guaranteed to reduce interference*. The antennas are passive with a 60 degree beam-width and the pattern is circular polarized in the 470MHz to 960MHz range. For use with in-ear-monitor transmitters, IWxCPA has plenty of room to spare with a maximum input power rating of 3 Watts. The 10 inch x 10 inch x 1.3 inch, 2.5lbs antennas include a swivel mic stand mounting capability (optional truss mount available) and are painted theatre black with a 50 Ohm low-loss BNC connection.

For complete product description and product photos, please visit .

*Guarantee: Kaltman Creations LLC guarantees that the IWxCPA antenna will reduce interference, reduce drop outs, reduce associated ‘swishing’ noise artifacts, and maintain strong consistent receiver signal levels as compared to conventional paddle and rod antennas. If you are not completely satisfied with the results, you can return the antennas within 15 days of purchase for a full refund. See Kaltman Creations’ completed return / refund policy at

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Kaltman Creations Introduces New Frequency Identifiers at InfoComm

Kaltman Creations LLC has announced the introduction of two new products under the Invisible WavesTM product banner that aid in identifying wireless devices’ frequencies. The units, RF-id SOLO and RF-id STATION, both key in on wireless transmissions as near-field frequency counters, one as a handheld device and the other in a self-contained case for multiple wireless devices.

The RF-id STATION is primarily for professional audio wireless users while the RF-id SOLO is aimed at RF/Audio tech’s, production companies, rental houses, contractor/installers, frequency coordinators; just about anyone involved pro-audio wireless related applications. The two units were unveiled last week at the 2012 InfoComm show in Las Vegas. Read more about them at

The RF-id STATION allows RF technicians to efficiently “stage” and manage their wireless microphones before and during a live event/performance. It consists of a rugged plastic carrying case with 8 designated foam-formed slots for wireless microphones or wireless belt pack transmitters. Each slot has a backlit, near-field frequency counter readout providing the exact frequency of the transmitter and a barograph signal level display; up to 8 transmitters can be staged at one time and swapped-out as needed. Just below the frequency counter display is a dry-erase, write-on strip to help keep track of microphone/transmitter assignments.

As a value-added feature, each of the 8 slots is individually RF shielded to reduce the effects of close proximity intermodulation and to reduce stray transmissions out into the performance area.
And the station can also be used as a microphone and accessory carrying case with storage for up to 18 transmitters.

With the unit’s LCD readout, the RF-id SOLO user can simultaneously and instantly confirm exact frequencies and transmission signal strength, avoiding the need to handle the transmitter (which often involves menu scrolling and converting Group & Channel readouts to frequency values). It works with both digital and analog single carrier transmissions in the 50MHz to 2.5GHz range and is not limited to just wireless microphones use. It can also be used with assisted listening devices, intercom, cell phones, 2-way radio and commercial RFID tags, provided that the transmissions are not a spread-spectrum or frequency hopping.

“These days, with all of the RF allocation turmoil and the ever-shrinking RF space, RF technicians need all the help they can get to efficiently manage their RF world. The Invisible Waves RF-id Station is a new and effective tool for your RF arsenal,” according to Mark Kaltman, president of Kaltman Creations LLC. “And the RF-id Solo, with the ability to walk right up to a concealed/worn belt pack transmitter or wireless microphone and instantly confirm that the device is transmitting along with an exact frequency reading, is very powerful!”

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Kaltman Creations Introduces Invisible Waves Xâ„¢ RF Spectrum Analyzer at InfoComm

Atlanta, GA — June 24, 2011 – Imagine having a RF command center that can put the power of RF analysis at your fingertips, with an arsenal of ground-breaking new features designed to let you take control. Now you can master your wireless with the new incarnation of the award-winning Invisible Waves™ pro-audio products from Kaltman Creations…the next generation: the Invisible Waves X generation.

The product was introduced at the 2011 InfoComm marketplace in Orlando, Florida, on June 15-17. The related web page can be found at


Invisible Waves Xâ„¢ RF Spectrum Analyzer

The Invisible Waves X™ capitalizes on the successes of its predecessor by adding a suite of controls providing “world-first� RF analysis. Highlighting the array of new features are UFO Alert™ (Unidentified Frequency Objects) to warn of rogue interference, more

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