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Poor Moon Masters New Vinyl EP “Illusion” at Bernie Grundman’s

Band Composed of Members of Fleet Foxes and The Christmas Cards

Pictured in the vinyl cutting room at Bernie Grundman Mastering are (L-R) mastering engineer Bernie Grundman, engineer/mixer Jared Hankins and Poor Moon musician/co-engineer Ian Murray. Photo by David Goggin.

Poor Moon, a new group collaboration formed by members of Fleet Foxes and The Christmas Cards have mastered “Illusion,” a new 5-song, 45rpm 12-inch vinyl EP at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood. On hand for the sessions were engineer/mixer Jared Hankins, who has worked with Fleet Foxes since 2008, and Ian Murray, mandolin/guitar player, and backing vocalist.

Poor Moon is Christian Wargo (Fleet Foxes, Crystal Skulls), Casey Wescott (Fleet Foxes, Crystal Skulls) and brothers Ian and Peter Murray (The Christmas Cards). The band, named for frontman and primary songwriter Christian Wargo’s favorite Canned Heat song, began four years ago as a long-distance project with demos being created and sent back and forth while Wargo and Wescott were touring in support of the Fleet Foxes 2008 self-titled debut, and recording with Ian and Peter, who were living in the San Francisco Bay area.

Recording engineer Jared Hankins explained that the material was recorded to ProTools and then mixed down to half-inch analog tape through a vintage API console at Avast! Studios in Seattle.

“We came here to master with Bernie because of our respect for his work,” said Hankins. “I’ve always wanted to work with him and hear the audio path he has configured at his studio. I have heard all these songs in demo form, and it’s been a long process of recording and getting them to this final stage in mastering, which is quite a thrill for all of us.”

Poor Moon’s “Illusion” will be released on March 27, Sub Pop Records.
For more information about Poor Moon, visit:

For more information about Bernie Grundman Mastering, visit:

Shinedown Records “Amaryllis” at Ocean Way with Producer Rob Cavallo

Fourth Studio Album from Platinum Rockers

Pictured during Shinedown sessions at Ocean Way Recording are (L-R) Barry Kerch, drums; Wes Seidman, assistant engineer; RJ Ronquillo, guitar tech; Eric Bass, bass; Zach Myers, guitars, vocals; Mike Fasano, drum tech; Doug McKean, engineer; Brent Smith, lead vocals; Rob Cavallo, producer. Photo by David Goggin.

Platinum rockers Shinedown have wrapped up recording of their fourth studio album at Ocean Way Recording in Hollywood. Titled “Amaryllis”, the album is set for a release on March 27th. Producer Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Goo Goo Dolls) helmed the project, following his success with the band’s RIAA-platinum certified 2008 release, “The Sound of Madness.”

Longtime Cavallo engineer Doug McKean recorded the band’s much anticipated new material. On hand were Barry Kerch, drums; Wes Seidman, assistant engineer; RJ Ronquillo, guitar tech; Eric Bass, bass; Zach Myers, guitars, vocals; Mike Fasano,drum tech; Doug McKean, engineer; Brent Smith, lead vocals; Rob Cavallo, producer.

Formed in 2001, Shinedown’s first two albums were the RIAA-platinum certified “Leave a Whisper” (2003), and RIAA-gold certified “Us and Them” (2005). The two albums yielded an amazing seven consecutive Top 5 hits at Rock radio.

“The Sound of Madness” was a top 10 debut on the Billboard 200 and remained on the chart for an astonishing 120 consecutive weeks. All six singles from the album went to #1 at Rock radio, including the 2x-platinum single “Second Chance,” which also went to #1 on the Hot AC chart and top 5 at Pop.

Founder/vocalist Brent Smith commented on the band’s upcoming album, “We pride ourselves on being a band that each record sounds completely different than the last. The beautiful thing is the journey and finding out where you are in your life, not only as a person, but where you are as an artist and as a musician and how far you’ve come and how far you’ve grown.”

Shinedown will be headlining the 2nd annual Avalanche Tour, kicking off on March 27th at the Grove in Anaheim, CA.
For more info about Shinedown, visit:

For information about Ocean Way, visit:
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Email: or call 323-467-9375.


brown_vig_foos.JPGJESSUP, MARYLAND – FEBRUARY 2012: Foo Fighters took home five statues at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, including prestigious Best Rock Album and Best Rock Performance honors, winning for an album produced entirely using a 32-channel API 1608 console. For its Wasting Light album, the band went back to basics, switching off the computers and tracking and mixing to tape via the all-analog API console, with the help of engineer James Brown and producer Butch Vig.

Nominated in a total of six categories, Foo Fighters won for Rock Song: “Walk,” Rock Album: Wasting Light, Rock Performance: “Walk,” Hard Rock/Metal Performance: “White Limo,” and Long Form Music Video for “Foo Fighters: Back and Forth.”

In his acceptance speech after the band received the Best Rock Performance award, frontman Grohl said, “Rather than go to the best studio in the world down the street more

Marsh Mastering Remasters James Taylor for Audio Fidelity Limited Edition

“Mud Slide Slim” Prepared for 24K Gold CD Audiophile Release

Pictured (L-R) at Marsh Mastering in Hollywood are mastering engineer Stephen Marsh and Audio Fidelity engineer Steve Hoffman. Photo by David Goggin.

Audio Fidelity, leader in audiophile remastering of classic rock and pop, has completed James Taylor’s “Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon” at Marsh Mastering in Hollywood. Working from the original 1971 analog master tapes, Audio Fidelity engineer Steve Hoffman joined mastering engineer Stephen Marsh for the critical remastering sessions in preparation for a limited edition of 5,000 numbered 24K Gold CDs.

“Our goal at Audio Fidelity is to deliver the optimum remastered Compact Disc from an analog recording that was done a long time ago,” said Steve Hoffman, who has tens of thousands followers in his online audiophile forums. “We are maintaining all of the integrity of the original sound, while creating a recording that sounds exceptional on good listening systems.”

“Mud Slide Slim” marks the fourth James Taylor album remastered by Audio Fidelity at Marsh Mastering. Other limited edition titles already available are “Sweet Baby James” (1970), “One Man Dog” (1972), and “Walking Man” (1974).

“We are trying to create today’s definitive version of the record,” explained mastering engineer Stephen Marsh, “to get as close as you could possibly get to the master tape and honestly capture the artist’s original vision, using modern technology to present the music in an unadulterated fashion.”

“It’s a very delicate process,” added Steve Hoffman. “In some cases we have to carefully dehydrate or ‘bake’ the analog tapes that are unplayable otherwise.” Stephen Marsh adds, “Every particle of oxide that falls off is part of a song that you will never hear again.”

“Luckily, all the James Taylor analog master tapes have been in fantastic shape,” says Hoffman, “well stored by the archival folks at Warner Bros. Audio Fidelity is in contact with James Taylor before these reissues and he is very pleased with our work. That’s the ultimate compliment — if he’s happy, we are happy.”

“Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon” will be available as an Audio Fidelity 24K Gold CD in Spring 2012.

Watch a 3-minute video of the session at:

About Audio Fidelity
Audio Fidelity’s 24K+ compact discs reproduce the optimum sound of classic recordings, delivering classic music in deluxe packaging with see-through slip cases. Audio Fidelity only uses the original vintage mixes played back on specially constructed playback decks to capture the warm sound of the original analog master tape combined with a genuine 24 karat gold surface free of any type of physical defect, making the 24K Gold CD series truly one of a kind.

About Marsh Mastering
Marsh Mastering is a unique, purpose-built mastering boutique located in the heart of Hollywood, CA. The studio is known worldwide for an exceptional customized processing chain, accurate clocking and conversion, and a finely tuned critical listening environment. Owner and chief engineer Stephen Marsh, alongside fellow mastering engineers Stephanie Villa and Fernando Lee, provides experience, talent, and musical passion, while offering custom-tailored masters, exceptional customer service and superlative sound.

Colin Elmore Records New Album in Ardent’s New SSL Duality Studio C

Engineer/Producer Wes Leyshon Tracks Analog for Acoustic Project

Pictured (L-R) in Ardent Studios' new SSL Duality-equipped Studio C are Caleb Franz, mandolin, banjo, backing vocals; Savannah Franz; Audra Mohnker uprightt bass, backing vocals; Emmet Franz, dobro, backing vocals; Colin Elmore lead singersongwriterrrr, acoustic guitar, piano; David Fiser, photographer; Mike Wilson, assistant engineer; Olivia Jahnke, fiddle, piano, backing vocals; Wes Leyshon, engineer/producer; and Adam Jahnke.

Memphis recording engineer and producer Wes Leyshon has teamed up a second time with Indie roots star Colin Elmore for his forthcoming “This Side of the Sun.” Tracking to analog tape in Ardent Studios’ newly rebuilt Studio C, the project takes full advantage of the SSL hybrid analog/digital Duality console.

Wes Leyshon previously worked with Elmore and his band Berch for 2010′s critically-acclaimed “Before and After the Fall.” For his new album, Elmore says he was looking for the “warm and slightly dirty” sound that called for analog tape and a studio renowned for work with legacy artists ranging from James Taylor to Led Zeppelin.

Leyshon tracked with Ardent assistant engineer Mike Wilson to record Elmore and his band, consisting of Emmet Franz and his family playing a wealth of acoustic instruments, including guitars, dobro, upright bass, mandolin, fiddle and banjo. Additional instrumentation called for Hammond organ, cello, French horn, flugelhorn, trumpet, piano and accordion.

Leyshon remarked, “Mike Wilson was everything I could’ve hoped for in an assistant. I love the new SSL board in C and the great assortment of compressors and outboard gear I had to mix with. The mic choice I had was a dream. The live room is amazing and we made good use of it. All of the Ardent staff seemed excited and encouraging about the whole project. I really hope to be back here in the near future.”

For a sneak peek video of Colin Elmore and Emmett Franz performing an acoustic version of one of the album cuts in Ardent’s Studio C visit:

For information about Ardent Studios, visit:

Van Halen Masters “A Different Kind of Truth” at Bernie Grundman’s

Engineer Ross Hogarth Oversees Immense Much-Anticipated Project

Pictured enjoying Danesi espressos at Bernie Grundman Mastering are (L-R) Van Halen recording engineer/mixer Ross Hogarth and mastering engineer Bernie Grundman. Photo by David Goggin.

Recording engineer/mixer Ross Hogarth joined mastering engineer Bernie Grundman and his assistant Joe Bozzi for extended sessions at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood to finalize Van Halen’s new album, “A Different Kind of Truth.” Recorded at Henson Studios and recorded / mixed at 5150 Studios, this marks the band’s first album in 14 years.

Hogarth began working on the project more than a year ago, and once material was recorded and mixed, stepped into Bernie Grundman Mastering to work on the final touches of equalization, sequencing, and preparation for release on CD, vinyl, and various digital release formats. A much sought after producer as well as engineer, Hogarth has worked with such artists as REM, Ziggy Marley, Keb Mo, Jewel, Melissa Etheridge, John Mellencamp, John Fogerty, and Motley Crüe.

The new album is the first full length Van Halen album since 1998′s “Van Halen III” and the first new music from the band since the three new songs included on 2004′s “Best of Both Worlds” compilation. It will also be the first Van Halen album to feature Eddie’s son, Wolfgang Van Halen, on the bass in place of Michael Anthony.

Van Halen’s current lineup is David Lee Roth, lead vocals; Eddie Van Halen, lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals; Alex Van Halen, drums; and Wolfgang Van Halen, bass, backing vocals.

The band has racked up sales of over 56 million albums in the United States alone and is one of five rock bands that have had two albums sell more than 10 million copies in the U.S.

Van Halen’s new album from Interscope Records release date February 7, 2012. “Tattoo” is the first single.

For more information about Bernie Grundman Mastering, visit:

Hans Zimmer Records Roma Music for “Sherlock Holmes” at MG Sound / Vienna

Slovakian Musicians Work Under Auspices of The National Democratic Institute

Pictured at MG Sound studios in Vienna, Austria, are composer/conductor Hans Zimmer and Roma musicians from Slovakia.

Oscar, Grammy & Golden Globe Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer recorded music of the Roma people, commonly known as Gypsies, for the dynamically moving score of “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.” Under the auspices of the National Democratic Institute, Zimmer traveled to Slovakia and found virtuoso Roma musicians who then traveled to Vienna to record at Austria’s MG Sound recording studios.

“I grew up loving the Roma music so much, those ‘Gypsy violins’,” Zimmer recalls. “But I never really knew who they were. I told our director, Guy Richie, that we had to do a road trip. While visiting Roma settlements in Slovakia, we discovered unbelievable musicianship. We heard a few bands, loved their playing and invited them to Vienna, where we went into the recording studio and started making music.”

Through this project, Zimmer hopes to draw attention to the plight of the marginalized and disenfranchised Roma people of Eastern Europe, commonly known as Gypsies. He traveled under the auspices of the NDI, a non-profit group that fosters democracy and human rights around the world. Bonnie Abaunza, VP of Zimmer’s Remote Control Charitable Foundation, accompanied him and his photographer daughter Zoe and film crew for the road trip to Slovakia.

In Vienna, Zimmer praised the Roma musicians, many of whom had never been professionally recorded, and the great sound they achieved in the studio. “I told them that I wanted their music on top of the orchestral score. Of course, Sherlock plays the violin and the true virtuosos are always those ‘Gypsy’ violins. I said we only had one chance to do this music the best we can and put it out into the world. It’s folkloric but at the same time there is incredible sophistication.”

“Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows – The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” is now available from WaterTower Music. Proceeds from the soundtrack album go toward assisting the Roma people. [1][2][3]In addition to receiving the 18 tracks on the album, those who purchase the soundtrack will also be able to download three free additional tracks from the film, along with a video chronicling Zimmer’s journey to record the music of the Roma people.

for information about MG Sound, visit :

Dangerous Music Rocks The Grammys

Award Nominations Feature Top Engineers & Producers who use Dangerous Music equipment

2012 Grammy Noms

Edmeston, NY – February 6, 2012Dangerous Music is extending congratulations to several of their users who have Grammy(r) nominated projects for 2011. All the clients have great praise for the Dangerous Music gear they used in their productions, from the Foo Fighters, with mastering engineers Emily Lazar and Joe LaPorta, the Kings of Leon with co-producer and engineer Jacquire King, Glenn Schick mastering for Canton Jones, and Nashville’s producer and engineer John Schirmer for Keb Mo, to the engineers and producers at New York’s Stadium Red studios who turned out a host of nominations for projects from artists J. Cole, Chris Brown, Marsha Ambrosius, and classical composer Steven Mackey. The Grammy Awards are to be televised live February 12, on CBS. more

BAE & TELEFUNKEN All-Star Band Stage LA Concert with Top Gear

Mark Loughman Joined by Kenny Aronoff, Matt Sorum, Rafael Moreira and Guests

Pictured (L-R) are Kenny Aronoff and Mark Loughman.

Respected Manchester rocker Mark Loughman, CEO of British Audio Engineering, is heading up the BAE T-Funk All Star Band on Saturday night, January 28th at one of LA’s hottest nightclubs, The Satellite. Joining Loughman will be his band’s world renowned drummer Kenny Aronoff, who is also currently touring with Chickenfoot, replacing Chad Smith during the Chili Peppers tour.

Also performing are guitarist Rafael Moreira (Pink, Christina Aguilera, Colbie Caillat); top drummer Matt Sorum (Velvet Revolver); guitarist Franky Perez (Camp Freddy, Stars on Broadway); guitarist Billy Morrison (Billy Idol, The Cult); bassist Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction, Alanis Morissette); DJ Lethal and other special surprise guests.

In addition to exceptional musicians, the performance will feature top gear from British Audio Engineering, including the prized 1073, 312 and 1084 microphone pre-amplifiers based on the classics of the past and now remanufactured with original components. TELEFUNKEN microphones on stage will be the popular M80 and M81 dynamic microphones and Copperhead CU-29 and ELA M 260 condenser tube mics.

“Great musicians and great gear make for a night of great music – come and listen for yourself,” says Mark, Loughman, who will be performing songs from his forthcoming album, including the first single: “I Hate My Girlfriends Because They Love Me,” available Friday, Jan. 27 on iTunes.

BAE manufactures high-end microphone pre-amplifiers, equalizers, and compressors. Faithful to the designs and fabrication of vintage gear from the 60s and 70s, BAE uses the highest quality components from the original suppliers. TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik is the[1] TEC Award-winning microphone company that faithfully recreates the vintage Telefunken sound, offering a product line that perfectly blends vintage style and sound with the reliability of modern-day microphones.

The Satellite is located at 1717 Silver Lake Blvd., LA, CA 90026. Doors open at 8:30pm, show starts at 9:00. $15 advance tickets are available at search: Mark Loughman.

The concert will be webcast live at 9:00pm PST. Check for details.

Kenny Chesney Records & Mixes New Music at Ocean Way St. Barths

Caribbean Resort Studio Houses Vintage Neve Console

Pictured at the vintage Neve console in the control room of Ocean Way St. Barths are (L-R) Drew Bollman, 2nd engineer; Buddy Cannon, producer, Kenny Chesney; Justin Niebank, 1st engineer: Guillaume Robert, assistant engineer. Photo by Shaun Silva.

Country music legend Kenny Chesney is recording and mixing new material at Ocean Way St. Barths, the recording studio at the famed Eden Rock resort in the heart of the Caribbean. Chesney is working with producer and songwriter Buddy Cannon (Riba McEntire, George Jones, George Strait) on his first album since 2010′s hit “Hemingway’s Whiskey.”

Chesney’s road manager, Malchijah Bailey, remarked, “The time we spent mixing at the studio was great. Anytime you can work all day, walk out of the studio and be greeted by an amazing beach, makes you feel like it’s not work. The vibe was awesome, and kept us all in good musical spirits.”

Chesney has recorded 15 albums, 14 of which have been certified gold or higher by the RIAA. He has also produced more than 30 Top Ten singles on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, 20 of which climbed to the top of the charts.

During his sessions at Ocean Way St. Barths, Chesney presented a framed Platinum record commemorating sales of more than 1 million copies of his album “Hemingway’s Whiskey. ” A signed message reads, “Thanks so much to everyone that was a part of ‘Hemingway’s Whiskey! Your talent, heart, passion, and true love for music made this album very special.”

The Ocean Way St. Barths studio is located at The Eden Rock, an exotic resort destination since the 1960s for such celebrities as Greta Garbo, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. A new 16,000 sq.ft. beachfront villa includes four bedroom suites, a 20-seat home cinema that doubles as a professional audio recording space, and a new control room installed by Ocean Way. Housing a wealth of vintage gear alongside state-of-the-art digital equipment, at the center is a vintage Neve console that was used by John Lennon to record “Imagine,” among countless other historic hits.

Hollywood’s famed Ocean Way houses some of the best sounding large live rooms ever built. Constructed in 1958, the studios have been the site of an astonishing number of classic and current hit records which have sold in excess of a billion copies worldwide.

For information about Ocean Way & St. Barths, visit:

Contact Robin Goodchild for all booking requests.
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