Tracks That Go Boom!

When mixing certain kinds of percussion, kick drum or low tom, you can use this old trick to add some extra bottom end. I’m triggering my BOOM channel from dedicated LFE channels but you can do this from any audio source, mono, stereo or whatever.

1. For each channel you wish to add BOOM, make a mono aux channel, mute it and instantiate a signal generator on the first insert, and a gate on the second insert (I use a Waves C1 gate)

2. Set the Hz value of the generator to 40Hz (you can fine tune this later)

3. Set the gate open value to about -20 (see pic of Waves C1 gate below for reference)

4. On the audio track you’re triggering the BOOM from, create an aux send to any bus, raise the send fader to unity gain and make it pre-fader. This way, later on when you change your mix, the BOOM channel will still trigger consistently.

5. Set the key input of the gate on the BOOM channel to the same bus sent from the trigger channel

Now you’re ready to go! Play your audio track and fine tune the gate open value until the BOOM is happening just on the accents. If the gate causes clicking you can play with the attack and release to make it more musical.

I’m triggering from an LFE track which is all low end, but you can make any channel work by duplicating it, sending the trigger from the duplicate, and putting an extreme Low Pass filter on the track. This way you’re only getting the bottom end going out of the trigger channel. Ping me on Facebook and let me know if it’s working for you. Overusing this trick can muddy the bottom end of your mix but if you pick your tracks carefully, it can be a great way to bring out the bottom octave of a mix.

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