Hi! Remember me??? Good! Who am I?

Looking back on this past year, I feel like I couldn’t possibly have done more. Invariably, just saying that is an automatic ‘hat throwing’ into next year’s ring…

This month’s reflection is about 2012′s projects that will find their way into 2013 articles…

But first, there’s one more column for the year coming up in December. It’s not officially labeled a ‘Part-1 in a series,’ but it is very likely to be just that. Not only does it represent one of my own life-long obsessions but the same applies to Greg Reierson of Rareform Mastering, the proud owner of a Neumann lathe!!!

If you grew up playing records as we did, then you will be very interested to follow our travelogue about bringing a seventies-era Neumann Lathe into this century. December’s article is mostly a ‘romance novelette’ about how we each got ‘the calling,’ a combined love of music and a fascination for the medium that delivered it.

What’s in store for 2013

I want My EMT-V!

Earlier in the year, my assistant and I rebuilt several tube preamps (including Demeter and Mastering Lab) as well an EMT Plate Reverb amplifier. Soon afterward, the client had my assistant install new pickups in the hopes it would improve the tone. They didn’t, but a few months later I discover the real problem during a ‘tuning session’ – the driver coil was rubbing against the magnet assembly. Once that was resolved, the preamps had to be retrofitted with high pass filters to compensate for the improved low frequency response of the new pickups.

I will be fleshing out the EMT-140 story with pix and calibration details after the January Issue.

Here’s a link to sound samples…

SERGE, the synth!

Yes indeed, earlier this year I had an assistant. Those were the daze. Now he works at Great River Electronics, a mere 15 minutes from here. My new assistant is ‘Tom Zos,’ I use that name in quotes because Tom is not his real name but his ‘slave name’ – his words not mine. His real name is very Greek, and I’d have no problem learning it if he would only go by one name! But, to try to make it more ‘user friendly’ he is constantly ‘remixing’ it…

That said, Tom is really into synths and a real asset to have in the shop. He’s learning a ton about basic electronics. We’ve already improved the sequencer’s ability to latch on to a wider frequency range of clock signals.

Pix and samples to come.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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