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New Company Makes Debut

Peter Janis from Radial Engineering has released a new product line aimed at the high-end studio and/or live engineer. Forest Audio’s first outing is the Q6, a passive EQ with an active front end that has some interesting features for the guitar and bass player. The six-band unit uses passive coils that eliminate phase problems inherent in active EQs. The $2k, single rackspace box also offers +4 or -10dB connections, Drag control to simulate the relationship between an guitar and amp and a separate 5 Mega Ohm input buffer for live use. Its also footswitch controllable to help with quick instrument stages. This should be an interesting box for a multitude of uses, par for the course with Radial.

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Bricasti M7 Is Imminent

One of my favorite product categories is outboard reverb. I’m an ADR 68k and SP2016 owner and I’ve been waiting patiently for the relase of the Bricasti M7, a high end verb that promises to offer buttery goodness. I talked to Eric Pappas at Summit Audio, who distributes the box, and he assures me it will be relased soon and I will get a review unit. Can’t Wait!!

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SSL Has You Covered

We’re here with Fadi Hayek, new to SSL, but you may remember him from his days at Yamaha/Steinberg. SSL is showing FIVE new products! At a NAMM show! My, how our world is changing. Fadi, whaddya got?

Quite a bit actually. We’re rolling out a series of three 48 channel A/D and D/A converters. The Alpha-Link is a two space 24 Channel 24bit 96khz Analog to digital converter with an additional 24 channels of digital I/O for a total of 48 channels. There are 3 varieties. The MADI SX ($3595.00) includes 24 of AES/EBU, the MADI AX ($3595.00) includes 24 of ADAT light pipe and the AX ($2695.00) excludes the MADI I/O option. All versions come with word clock I/O, MIDI I/O and a 64 channel buss connector.

The next product is the SSL Mixpander ($1295.00). The Mixpander is a PCI card that mates with the 64 channel buss connector on the Alpha-Link providing a complete I/O solution for all Windows based native DAW systems. The mixpander includes full DSP capabilities that allow the user to host Soundscape Plugins inside their favorite Software workstation.

Our final MADI product is the the cost effective Delta-Link ($3595) which provides 128 channels of Pro Tools HD to MADI conversion. Th Delta-Link is ideal for any one using a MADI based console. Also, if you connect it via MADI to the Alpha-Link SX or AX, a Pro Tools user can get 48 channels of SSL I/O at $7200.00

The Xrack is getting a new 8 channel line mixer ($850.00). This new addition to the Xrack lineup provides 8 channels of summing with insert point on the first 4 channels and mono or stereo panning. The 8 channel module along with the rest of the Xrack modules provides a fantastic front and back end to any DAW. Utilizing SSL acclaimed Super Analog technology, it’s like having the best part of an SSL console right in your digital audio workstation.

Lastly during the next quarter we’ll be releasing a new Plugin for Duende called Drum Strip ($299). With this powerful SSL channel strip , DAW users can attain increased presence, clarity and detail in their drum tracks; reduce spill in individual tracks; restore natural brightness and achieve greater perceived loudness.

It’s DANGEROUS around here

Chris Muth at Dangerous Music showed me the Dangerous D-Box that they hinted at during AES 2006. It’s going to ship in March and features 8 channels of analog summing, monitor control, onboar D to A conversion, Talkback with wired remote, Headphone out and simultaneous input monitoring.

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